Friday, January 16, 2009

Last 3 Weeks

So.. three weeks and counting till my departure from the Hueco Tanks.
Its been a fun couple months.. but for every beginning, there must be an end.
And needless to say im not too upset. My time here as been filled with fun, good people, and some sick bouldering!
So, on Feb. 4th i fly to Boulder, Co.. where i'll spend somewhere around 2 weeks bouldering on the frontrange and competing in the ABS Nationals on Valentines day weekend! So psyched!

While im in Co i have 4 major goals. 
First is to possibly snag the 3rd ascent of Eldo's Suspension of Disbelief.  

Second: Attempt flashing The Dark Waters. In Clear Creek Canyon.

Third: Free Range, in Boulder Canyon

Fourth: Circadium Rythm in the Poudre Canyon.

Lofty Goals i know! but still psyched! 

Some shots.

The always beautiful, Hueco Sunset

Chris on Ultra-mega

mwahaha...  "the princess"

Maxim gettin it on with no rubber.
Jasons new highball
"To die For"

Max again running a quick last minute lap on "The Maiden"



Monday, January 5, 2009

More good times here in the Hueco Tanks.  
Friends came in, and friends shipped out.
One of them being Jon michael! He had an impressive week or two here. Completed two solid 10s, Loaded with Power, and Free Willy. Congrats kid!
Here's a few random shots over the course of the last few weeks.

Nickles on Better Eat Your Wheaties, v8.

Me working on Diabolique.
So close on the send!
Waiting for a wave of good temps!

Randy on the sickest send of Power of Silence ive ever seen!