Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So today was a day at rocktown for me, kash, rami, and nate. We started off the day with absolutely NO warmup. Nate and I were syked on Iron Claw Sit.. this is a problem that i had tried briefly a couple years back in the rain. So needless to say i was syked to get back to it. The problem starts on a set of underclings that seem to always be wet. From there you pull on a stuff a right heel on a sloper and ackwardly thrutch across to a good slope. After a couple more slaps on the arete you do a high right hand heel and cross big to a fat ass pinch.. then finish the bloc on easier moves. After Nate and I sent the original boulder i noticed an undercling about 2 ft left of the OG start. Intrigued and slightly bored i sat down and gave it an effort. On the first go i fell off the last move, and sent on my 2nd try. This problem is in no way recommended, but just another problem if you're feeling the urge.
From here we hiked up to Golden Harvest. I made a repeat and Nate go super close! And after this we hiked up to the Little and Big Bad Boulders and all had a run a couple classics. Nate and I were able to send Blackout, and Big Bad Right, and I finished off the area doing Big Bad, and Little Bad.. CLASSICS!
So then Nate was syked to head up to Speculum and give it some efforts, while Rami messed around on The Womb. Nate had some damn good efforts on Speculum, and Rami did all the moves on the womb quickly.. but no sends. Then i was fortunate enough to snag some ascents on Digital Scales, Speculum, and The orb to finsh off the day.
All in all it was a damn fine day, and we hiked out tired and hungry.
I through together a small clip of the day, and Nate through one together as well.

Rocktown from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Iron Claw Sit(V10) and Blackout(V10) from Nate Draughn on Vimeo.

Also Nate and Rami have decided to extend their stay till sunday, so be sure to stay tuned! SHITS GONNA GET DONE!!!!!


Monday, December 28, 2009

Genetic n Shit

So here's a small clip i edited of the day at Hp40!


Hp40 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Great Success!!

So today we went to hp40! Our crew for the day included: Me, Kasia, Nate Draughn, Rami, John Gass,Mark Williams, Voges, Joe Beth, Randy Hill, Reger, Lee F, Maxim (crippled) Zolotuhkin, J Rush, and some others. Obviously a big day for hp!
So the day ended up really good, and tons of peeps crushed. I personally had my dream day at hp today.. somehow snagging two long awaited 2nd ascents of James Litz's Genetic, and Lee Paynes Illusions. SYKED!! After this i was able to do the FA of Ghetto Superstar Right ( an old Jeff Whales project) and finished off the day climbing classics like, Trick or Treat, American Pie, Don't Rock my Boat, The Kiss, and Skywalker.
And now to speed this up im gonna slap down a ticlist for ya!

- Landslide, v9

- Waterloo, v8
- Thugs n Bitches, v8
- Shoulda damn dun Skeletor, v10

- Waterloo, v8
- Thugs N Bitches, v8
- Odd Job, v8
- Law Dog, V8

- Hammerhead, v5
- Grooverider, v3
- Highlife, v4

- Illusions v12
- Genetic, v,11
- Ghetto Superstar Right, v10

- Slider, v9
- The Thief, v7
- The Flow, v7/8

Gonna have some more vids up here soon!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another day at the LRC

Today was a nice day out at Little Rock City.. Voges was syked to finish up Reflections, and we were both pretty syked for another round on the Tall Tee Project. Day started off with Jon Gass sending The Mechanic, v7.. he also got a new camera for christmas so im sure there will be a vid up sometime soon!
Then voges quickly took down Reflections and I started warming up some. Mr Luis rodriguez was also out today with a posse of peeps, so crash pads were plentiful. Everyone seemed syked on the classic Kaya, v8 so i jumped on board!
Afterwards we tried Tall Tee some and surprisingly go pretty close on "the move".. After today i feel as if it could go anytime!
fingers crossed.
Then we started playing on an undone dyno project on the same wall as Flying High. At first we were skeptical.. but after about a half hour of work I was able to snag the FA of Watch your back, v11. Really like this one!! So get syked and go get on it!
Here's a clip from today.


Another from Little Rock City from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Hueco Vid 1

So here's the first Hueco video in the series! It includes Voges climbing El Techo, 8a. Me climbing Nick Duttles new problem on East, Sunshine 8a+. And Isabelle Faus climbing her first 8a, chbalanke!

More to come, so stay tuned!!


Hueco Tanks 2009 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

A couple G's

Here's a quick clip of Voges and Weaver crushin in the Fred's Cave. Also im almost done with the first hueco vid!


2 from Fred's Cave from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Trip recap

So we're back now from our 2 week trip to Arkansas, and Hueco Tanks. The trip overall was sick, filled with good boulders, decent weather(in arkansas), and good friends.
It was me, kasia, Isabelle, Nate Drolet, Brion Voges, Hailey, and Brad Weaver. and later met up with Ben Tsui, and Jon Gass.
We first set off to the ranch in Jasper, AR.
First day was way too damn cold. High of 26 with 15mph winds = FUCK NO!
2nd day was much nicer and we strolled out to Fred's Cave, where i spent most of the time filming and hangin out.
Brad Weaver was there in full effect, and was taking down everything! Sending Fred's Roof v10 in a few tries. and quickly dispatching One Inch Pinch, v12 in similar fashion! Voges also snagged an ascent of the One inch pinch, ripping off all of his fingers, again, while doing it.
After this Voges and i trucked on out to Wood Grain Grippin for my second round of attempts. Needless to say i was fucking syked!! I quickly was able to link the boulder to the large throw to the pinch(which i was unable to do before) but unfortunately 10 more minutes later my wrist was too tweaked to even try it again.. Voges, ripped up and sore from Freds cave, quickly worked through all the moves like a G. We are VERY syked to return!
The rest of the trip in AR was decent, the weather seemed to be disagreeing with us, and i spent a day hiking all over a mountain trying to find Forever Botany, and another day/ hour trying Lost in the Hood in the rain, which ended with a spit tip... no bueno.
So with the weather on the ish we decided to head on out to Hueco.
Day 1:
Voges and I warmed up, and quickly dispatched El Techo V11, which is now MUCH easier due to a recent break.
Kasia and Isabelle also sent Roughage v7, and Nate did a cool one called Slip it In, V7.
After this Me and Voges ran over to Diaboliquie V13. I was syked on this one, after getting agonizingly close last season!
So after coming really close, falling again BARELY on the last move, i split yet another tip on my right hand.. sooo bummed. After this the boulder did not seem to work with a taped tip.

Day 2:
Again we hiked over to Diabolique. Voges was syked, and was able to send in just a few tries! I again punted.. and was NOT syked.. DONE!
After this i was in need of some redemption, and wanted to hike up to the martini cave and try Nalle's new sit start to dirty martini on the rocks called Tequilla Sunrise, v12. First try i stuffed the heel in a big hueco and fell off the first move. 2nd try instead of a heel, i tried the toe and almost did the first move! Then third try with toe again i sunk the first edge and sprinted to the top. Very syked on the quick ascent!
Kasia was then syked to try Black Mamba, v9.. which she was able to crush quickly!
The rest of the day I spent resting, filming, and soaking in the sun.

Day 3:
We went to East Mtn, with Toshi, Keita, and others. I was syked to get on a boulder that Nick Duttle had recently established called Sunshine, V12, and despite it baking in the sun, i was able to hook it up in about 20 min.
Meanwhile, Voges and Toshi gave some very close attempts on slashface, falling on the last moves!
Afterwards we all hiked over to the Dragons Den. Ben Tsui ran up a couple of classics on the hobbit boulder, and kasia climbed Hobbit in a blender, V5. Then Voges and I were syked on Full throttle V13! Unfortunately i was again dissapointed hoping that my foot hand shrunk so i could fit into the crucial heel toe.. but that was a negative. Voges got syked though, and worked out all the moves quickly, and returned twice determined to send! Which he did on our very last day! Sick fucking effort buddy. Props!

Day 4:
We went to the Spur! I tried the machinist v13 a little, and did all the moves quick! We then went over to the egg, v8. where Nate was syked and sent in a few tries. Then just up the way, nate and isabelle worked out all the moves on Purple Flowers, v9.. while kasia worked out the lowstart Flower power, v10. And later on isabelle was able to dispatch Mr. Serious, V8 at the end of the day!

Day 5:
Was back at the spur where i tried the machinist sum more, and sadly enough i broke a crucial hold on the end of the rail.. BUMMER.. After this Nate and isabelle sent purple flowers, and kasia got REALLY close on the low.
I went on to send A single Word, a really nice v12 on the tip of the spur.. and we finished off the day chillin in the gunks!

Day 6( Last Day):
Ended up to be a VERY good day for everyone!! We warmed up and i was able to dispatch Chbalanke v11(NEMESIS).. and isabelle followed close behind! Sending her first 8a.. absolute sickness!!! Then we went over to Power of Silence, so kasia, isabelle, and jon could work on that. Having already done that boulder i decided to get on Sarah V11.. and surprisingly was able to send 1st try.
Then it was off to the chains so Nate could try Fern Roof, v8 and i could try the low start, v13. Nate sent in a few tries, and i followed close behind! We then hiked over to guns of navarone, jon quickly flashed that shit and we were off to try Jason kehl's new tufa boulder, bloodline, v7. Kasia, isabelle and I both sent.
Meanwhile, nate was syked on big nosed miley v9/10.. so we hiked over and met up!
I was then able to repeat bleeding brothers, v12 and Nate got really close on the miley.. but with the darkness closing in we had to bail.

Trip over, and trip was good!!
Why the hell can't we have an el pecito here in chattanooga....
Oh well.

Vids n shit to come soon!


Sunday, November 29, 2009


HP40 trip was a little shorter then expected. We arrived friday morn around 8 and quickly ran out to warm up. Kasia made a quick dispatch of Landslide, while i tried Illusions in the sun.. Negative. After this i went to try my luck on Genetic.. again negative.
Soon enough we met up with Weaver and Nate. Nate had a sick day. sending Law Dog, Litz Pocket, Squeeze Play, and Supa Coola! So with that syke I was thenable to send a few problems on the ole list. First was Great Dane, which had never appealed to me due to the tweaky 2 finger pocket. But surprisingly it wasn't half bad! Next was the Matchmaker Project which i had gotten somewhat close on in years past. Feeling fresh and motivated i was able to take it down in a few tries. BAWSE! After this light was fading but i decided to run up and try the Stingray Project. Lucky enough i was able to send on my 1st go! Thanks to Reyes for the pads, and the vid!
Finished up tired, and bleeding.. so it was off to chattanooga!
Here's a vid


Southern Blocs from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Right now we're in the Mtown for thanksgiving with the fam.. Afterwards we're bustin it back quickly for what should be a really nice weekend in the HP40!
Hope everyone has a nice thanksgiving and eats LOTS of food, i know i will!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So sunday brought the rain.. leaving monday slightly damp, and very humid. Me, Voges, Kasia, and Jon decided to try our luck no how, making the drive out to Bama with hopes of some dry rock. We arrived early, and surprisingly shit was decently dry! We hiked up to the main area and warmed up. Meanwhile catching a glimpse of a very rare animal... a ram.. Wha?? These things are definitely not habitants in the Bama Hills. So your guess is as good as mine.
The day was good overall. Started of with some moderates, and made our way to Big Poppa, v8. Voges and I then got on a linkup i did last season which I called Grandpoppa, v9. After this we made our way down to The Pearl, v8 and The Main Event v11/12. The Main Event is something i had done in the past.. but hadn't been on in a while. I decided to give it a shot, and surprisingly was able to hook it up in a few goes. Progression!! Finishing it off we made our way back to the wetlands. Jon and Kasia gave some efforts on Ninja Camp Roof, v8 and I was able to send one of my old problems Masterbeta, v9. And as always Voges ripped more holes in his fingers... :)

Here's a clip of the day


Some Alabama Shit from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random Update

Nothing too serious going on here. The past couple weeks have been uneventful in the climbing scene. I haven't been able to climb too much due to my damn ankle. Hopefully that all changes soon.
Saturday Kasia and I attended the Castle Rock Trail Day up in Jasper, Tn. It was a great event, and though there wasn't too much work to do i was a little disappointed in the lack of attendance. There were around 12 or so people there and half hadn't even been to the area, including me and Kash. Not pointing fingers at anyone, but us as climbers need to show a little more appreciation to these areas. We are very lucky they are even here for us to enjoi.

On another note, Jon Gass is in the chattown, and i believe our weekday plans include some bouldering!! Jon moved to Denver last summer and has seemed to have gotten a bit stronger. Syked to see what this boy can pull down with some hometown syke!

Hope all is well


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Day

Today's LRC session was nice. The weather was cool, and the rock was mostly dry. We warmed up in the front and quickly got on I Think I Can. I was feeling decent and decided to go try Tall Tee. But no dice... my ankle is still a bit sprained and the large move to the arete was KILLING me. So I decided to call it. Afterwards we went over to The Noogan, so i could stay a little closer to the deck. I gave it 3 or 4 tries, falling on the big move each time. I felt good, and could've finished but the stretched out match was a tweaker on the ankle. Kasia then wanted to go over to Mann Hans? So we hiked over. She did the crux move quick and was satisfied. I for SOME reason decided to try this terrible boulder.. in a few tries i sent, but would never recommend anyone to try this rockclimb. Absolutely terrible... im sorry. Jacob was out with us and wanted to head over to the Cleopatra bloc. I ran up the Cindy Cleo Traverse, while he got really close on cleo! Kasia also crushed Cleopatra, and Cinderella. With light fading i met up with Weaver, and Drolet. Brad was COMPLETELY trashed, and basically bleeding.. but i drug his ass over to The Law anyways.. haha sorry B. And with great surprise i was able to send on my 1st try! I unfortunately put a hole in my tip, but it feels good to see some progression!

Aight so here's a clip i threw together


Good Times in the Nooga from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So tomorrow is another day for us out at the LRC. Voges and I are gonna be heading up there around 11, meeting up with Kasia, and Jacob Fellers later. I have my sights on the new project Tall Tee that has been consuming my thoughts. This problem is by far one of the hardest i've tried in the field, and will be most syked to see it go! It basically revolves around throwing from a very poor micro edge to the sloping lip. Crux not exactly being the distance of this move, but more so the body tension required to stick it, and keep your foot on the smear. BAWSE!! Grade wise, i am not completely certain.. but i'd say its atleast upper end v12?? Here's some shots of Voges and I attempting Tall Tee.
Wish us luck!


"The Move"

My hat falling off.. again

Voges, so close!

V6 finish

Friday, November 13, 2009

On the Creek

It's been getting closer to bouldering season around chatty, and we've been making our ways outside to some remote spots to climb some classics. Here's a few on the creek!


Chattanooga, Tn from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Hp40 comp was a success! The weekend was a great time filled with good people, and world class boulder problems.
Though it was warm, and I felt a little outa the game i was able to come out on top.
Here's a quick rundown of the day.

Voges and I warmed up on the phenomenal v2 "The Wasp" and headed over to No Tranquility v9. It was warm, and baking in the sun so i knew if i had a chance to send, it would HAVE to be quick. And that is thankfully what I did, sending 1st try.
Afterwards we went to God Module v11. I sent in a few goes, and Voges did the same. Then we went to try Slider Sit v10. It felt really greasy and i was unsure if I was gonna be able to dispatch. But Voges shot me some key beta, and next thing i knew i was on top. Voges went on to do the enduro Super Slider v10, and we were on our way. Next on the list for me was Hot N Tot v10, and Cadillac Thrills V9 which i was able to send 1st go. Then it was Balrog v10. A problem Voges and I had sent the week before. and were able to polish it off quick. After that it was around 2 or so, and getting hot as fuck! So in the heat of the day, and already pretty spent i decided to try Skeletor v10. 1st go i got into the v8 odd job and juiced off.. with a little rest I was able to scrap up it. BARELY! Then I went on to send Pegmato v9, And made my way down to The Process v10. As i arrived i was lucky enough to catch some good beta from Jwal, since i have never tried the boulder. And with a bit of effort i sent, and finished the day sending the classic mantle Stingray v9. DONE!

So today is monday and I am STILL dead tired, and have no intention on going climbing till wednesday.
Life is good, and for now im am going skating!


Monday, October 26, 2009


Today me, kasia, and Voges made our way out to LRC and met up with knoxtown cat Matthew Ayers. Me and B we're syked to try a few projects in the field. 1st being the Tthong proj. Now dubbed Tall Tee! This one involves a few easier moves( around v8 ) setting up into a VERY difficult move off a small left edge to a sloping lip. After that it ends on a casual, classic v6 to the top. Not sure where this one is gonna stand, but it will be tough. Hopefully it goes soon!
We then hiked out to The Power of Amida. A problem i did earlier this year, fresh from Hueco. Voges was syked to try it, and Matthew gave his best efforts to warm up on a v7... STOUT!
Not too much later Voges dispatched, and kasia got some footage. CLIP!
After this we hiked to another project located behind the mousetrap crack. This one is a beautiful slab with a fun and easy start to a very hard top section. Basically standing on shitty smears, thrutching to a slopey gastone, and then matching on another shitty gastone. After this, we have no clue.... Someone please open this one up. I am sceptical this one will even go ( for me ).
Then kasia gave Bedwetters some efforts, and got pretty close but no dice. NEXT TIME!
Then went to an old Andrew Gross problem we're calling AGR (Another Gross Route). Which starts on Jut Strut and hits the key gastone as a right handed side pull and shoots BIG straight up and left to a shitty sloper. Probably somewhere around v10, and VERY height dependent.
This season i am most syked on the new boulders. There are plenty of beautiful projects out there, and its about time some of them get the respect, time, and effort they deserve!


The Power of Amida V10 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

First nice day at the HP 40

So yesterday me, Kasia, Nate, Voges, and Joe beth trucked down to Hp 40. This would be my first HP trip in a little less then a year so I was stoked. Voges and I had our sights set on a couple hard, unrepeated boulders as well as a few projects.. We started off the day by Voges doing a cool Line called Odd Job. I was able to get some decent footage of the boulder before my camera died.. so i threw together a small clip. After this Kasia and Nate tried The Flow, unsuccessful.. Then we went down to Genetic to see if Voges or I had a 2nd ascent in us somewheres.. No dice, but close! Then we went over to Balrog. A nice cave line that climbs up between two boulders using the coolest sloping rail. We both were able to complete, and Voges went on to crush Hot N Tot.
We then hiked out to the Ten Pins area so Nate could try a couple classics he had his sights on, and kasia could try Ghetto Superstar. In the middle of all this i got syked on an old Jeff Whales project that does the first 3 moves of Ghetto and treads right on some slopers. I got close, and hit my face on the rock. Kasia CRUSHED Ghetto, and we were off to meet Voges and Joe Beth at the Stingray Proj. We worked out some beta on the line, and had a few near linkups into the start of stingray.. but with light fading, and a lack of skin we decided to call it. So we finished off the day watching kasia try slider some, and headed out for some burritos!
I was syked on the good weather, and hope there is more of it to come.


Odd Job V8 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Arkansas quick recap

So the 4 day trip to Arkansas was a blast! I must say, Arkansas is by far one of the best areas to go bouldering. With tons of classic areas, littered with a range of easy - difficult boulders.. any climber can have a good time. We got lucky with the weather, and all days where pretty cold, and sunny. I'd say the only downside to the whole trip was Voges ripping multiple flappers on the first day! But with syke and some solid effort he was still able to get shit done!


Day 1: We decided to go to Fontain Red and Fred's Cave. We warmed up on a couple moderates, and a nice v2 arete. Afterwards we hiked over to Fred's Cave where Voges and I were able send Buddy. Then Voges went on to send Chunk up the Deuce, in the sickest fashion. and i was able to complete One Inch Pinch.

Day 2: We went early out to a roadside area near 74. I tried Wood Grain Grippin, and surprisingly felt pretty close! I did all the moves, and linked the boulder in 2 parts. NEXT TIME! Then we headed back to the ranch, where kasia and nate sent a cool v8 arete called Numerical Methods.

Day 3: We hiked out to the Zone area, near HCR. After about 2 hrs of trudging through the woods Voges and I found the zone. We hiked back up the hill to our pads, and then back down to the boulders. We warmed up on some randoms, and we all were able to send a nice v7 roof. Afterwards we went over to the Zone where i was able to make quick work, while kasia and Nate tried a hard arete on the same boulder.

Day 4: We went back out to Fontain Red and Fred's Cave since its on the way home. Warmed up on the same blocs and Voges and I did a cool problem called Center Splooge. then we went back to Fred's where Voges crushed Fred's Cave 2nd go, and I was able to do Daniel's PCP traverse. Then we hiked back over to Fontain where we did some more moderates, and i was able to flash Broken Earth.

Can't wait to get back to the AR this December!!
Here's a couple clips from the trip


Arkansas 1 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Arkansas 2 2009 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

HCR Trip

So this weekend me, kasia, and Voges are planning a trip to the HCR in Jasper, Arkansas. Needless to say, i am syked!!
The last time Kasia and I were in the AR it was a very short trip.. and i wasn't able to get on half of the problems i had in mind.
This time around should be different. We're rolling out of chattown on friday, and arriving that night. Climbing saturday - tuesday afternoon. Basically syked on anything, but here is a small tic list i've put together for the trip.

Bloody Knuckles, v11
Antihero, v13
Tang, v10

-Fred's Cave-
One Inch Pinch, v12

-Sam's Throne-
King Lion, v12

Wood Grain Grippin, v14

In other news, Voges took me out to a cool area today to show me two problems Deliverance, V10. and Cannibus, V10.
I was syked, despite the heat.. and was able to send both.
Here's a vid.


Two from Chattown from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Girlz at Lrc

Last week our friend Isabelle Faus flew in from Chicago to attend to the hound ears comp. Prior to that we were able to take her out to Little Rock City for a small sesh.. She was able to dispatch many classic problems.. one of them being Grimace V7/8.
So i threw together a small clip of Isabelle sending Grimace, and Kasia sending Out of Africa a.k.a Face in the Crowd V7.

Girlz at Lrc from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hound Ears Weekend

So it was a great weekend in Boone, Nc! The weather was perfect and everyone was syked.
I got a lot of climbing in and barely finished 10 boulders.. At the end of the day i was trashed!
The next day we decided to head to Blowing Rock where I was able to climb a cool V10 called Flagyl.
Here's the vid.

Flagyl V10 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Yesterday Me, Brion Voges, and Jacob Fellers took a trip out to the cumberland boulders "Pepboys". Main objective was for Brion to snag what i believe is the third of ascent of a hard bloc called Gross's Roof.
Of course Voges delivered in a short 15 min.
This boy be gettin STRONG!

Here's the vid.

Gross's Roof 8a from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Triple Crowners Advanced Circuit

So me and Voges decided to spend a day at Little Rock City circuiting all the classic advanced problems. We started off with the idea of trying to do 15 problems V7 and above, starting at one end of the field and working our way to the other. We filmed every problem, and i've put together a video for all you triple crowners looking for some beta!


Advanced Circuit - Little Rock City, Tn from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Not bouldering season yet

So this weekend Bvoges, Kasia, Nate and I planned a trip to Boone, Nc to see if the bouldering temps had started up yet.
Needless to say, they hadn't. We arrived friday night, driving up Grandfather mtn through clouds of fog, and a wet road.
We continued down to the bottom of lost cove were we camped for the night.
Saturday ended up being a little better then expected.. Humid and miserable in the morning, and got dryer throughout the day.
We made our way to lost cove early where we just messed around on some classics. Nate did the Patio Arete, and I did a cool boulder called Chapter 13.
After this we dominated Quiznos, and met up with Voges and Joebeth. Then we went to the M1 boulders to find everything basically wet. We warmed up on a cool v5.. i climbed a RAD boulder problem called Instinctual. Which is only doable if your about 6 ft tall. Then me and Voges tried Don Johnson... it was SOAKED!! So we flailed a bit, and called it.

Then we all made the trek to the blowing rock boulders where again.... everything was slightly wet.
Me and Voges beat through some bushes and finally found this problem called Room with a View. He and I both sent.

Due to the wet weather, and the most likely possibility of it raining that night we decided to go on home.
We ate at black cats, and hit Dairy Queen on the for some treats.

Here's a small clip from the trip


Day in Boone, Nc from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer time

Nothing too exciting has been going on.. Been skating ALOT, and training ALOT. Been getting very little video of our nightly adventures.. but hope to have a fresh vid up soon!
Also been making weekly trips down to the Concave to try Southern Comfort... Both Brion and I have now one hung the route. Which to most would seem like we're close to the send, right? Well unfortunately this is not the case.. linking the two parts together seems to be a project i may have for a while. More training i suppose.

Here's a clip i threw together of one of our last days in the RMNP.
This one features Brion Voges crushing one of the many v12's he sent this summer.

Last Rmnp 2009 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Last days in the RMNP

So today was our 2nd to last day at the RMNP. And me, kasia, and Jon had some unfinished business to try and take care of..
The day started somewhat mellow.. i was syked to try Freaks of the Industry. but since it was like 80 degrees and in the sun it was a waste of time. Kinda bummed we bolted up to Sunspot where Jon got aggonizingly close! He decided to rest for a bit and kasia wanted to go try Riddles in the Dark. Also SO close.. and somewhere in the middle of all this me and Jon ran up on the other side of this big slab and found a small looking cave... We jumped in expecting stashed pads or something.. but instead found a somewhat decent boulder problem, uncleaned. I decided to clean it up.. and send.. calling it We looked like Giants, v9.
Hopefully ill get some video of that up soon..
After this I decided to go give some ditch efforts on Top Notch... and surprisingly got really close!! Falling on the last move from the start 5 times!!! Trip is now extended an extra day and i will go back on tuesday to finish it off!
Projexts bout to go down!!!!!!!!!

Here's a small un-edited clip i threw together of one of my better attempts on Top Notch.


Attempts on Top Notch, 8b from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Salt Lake City, UT

So i've been in Salt Lake City Utah for the past week attending the 2009 OR Trade Show. Hanging out, walking around what is basically the biggest outdoor retail store in the world. I competed again this year as well. Having my best finish in a large scale competition yet.. placing 7th after qualifiers, and ending up 4th after the finals. Definately syked with the 400 dollars that will help me get my ass back to the south.
We've also been climbing now 2 nights up at the Little Cottonwood Canyon. First night i was able to take down Bully.. a project i left undone from last years trip. Also did a couple cool lines called Copperhead, and All Thumbs.
Tonight we went to an area called the Gate. By looking in the guide book it seemed to have the most variation of easy to difficult boulders. So we warmed up and Kasia, Jon, and Isabell were able to climb a nice 7b+ called Bar Fly. While i was able to finish Pro Series, 8a. Also checked out a few other classics up the road: Triple Threat, and Ben Moons Eclipse. Though we didnt really climb on these boulders they were most definately two of the best blocs i've seen in cottonwood canyon and probably any area ive visited. I will return.
Here's a small clip i threw together of us bouldering at the Gate Boulders.

Little Cottonwood Canyon Utah from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Colorado Love

Aight so i've been in Colorado now for a little over 2 weeks, and things thus far have been incredible.
I've set up shop in Denver with my good buddy John Gass(Chattown OG). Been skateboarding TONS at a sick local park just down the street. Always syked!!! Also got some new kicks yesterday. BLAM!!

So, life for me and John is basically revolved around 2 days of climbing and 1 rest day. (rinse and repeat)
We've made our way through some badass spots, cleaning house wherever we go. Johns been climbing super well! Having already smashed a few v9s , v8s, etc etc.. I have also sent a few a cool lines that i got owned on last season including: Clear Blue skies, Wildcat, Ground Control, and some others.. and since its getting quite hot out at Mt. Evans i see us spending alot of time up at the RMNP. STOKED!
Also been getting quite a bit of footage, but have had little to no time to update.
So here's the first vid from the trip so far.
Check out my Vimeo account for the next 2. They're taking a while to upload. so i can't update them to the blog just yet.

Colorado 1 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gone Skateboarding

So recently i've started skateboarding again. Chaz bought himself a board, and ryan is syked.
Tonight we decided to do a little street skating. Started off in our pkng lot. went down to a church.. which we got cornered by some dude and his bible... you can just figure the rest....
After we broke from the vortex we found a nice spot with a bank, and a loading dock. Got kicked out. then waltzed up to this 4 set and screwed around. I ended up throwing down and ollied over the handrail.
I still got it!!! and stoked to get back in the game!

Here's a small clip. the first of MANY to come.


Skateboarding 1 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Unshackled the Movie

So here's a clip of me sending this cool route in alabama called Unshackled the Movie.
Tried it one day a few times with luis, and came back a couple weeks later and fired it first try. Luis sent right after.
Sick route!


Unshackled the Movie from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Rock

Man, i've been living in chattanooga now for almost 2 years now.. and have been climbing in the area for the past 6. and it seems like every other month im hearing of new areas, old areas, possibilities, etc etc. Its amazing to think how much rock is in and around chattanooga. and how much rock is still out there just waiting to be developed. stoked!!

So while we're on the subject. Me, Luis, and Kasia made our way out to a cool area today with some fun and interesting stone.
Me, being sore as SHIT from the past weeks training, was only able to get in a couple easier routes.. but I had a great time belaying, and watching Luis, and kasia tear it up.

Here's some shots of Luis sending an unknown 12d up the main buttress.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Jersey/Gunks

Aight so kasia and I arrived back in chatty yesterday evening from our 5 day trip to New Jersey for the Gravity Brawl.
The trip was really nice, the competition was fun..although I didn't perform as well as i wanted to in finals i still enjoyed the experience. The NE2C ALWAYS throws down the best comps with the sickest scene. PROPS>
The problems in finals were stellar, most fit my style pretty well.. but all in all it came down to wether or not i did problem number 2.. which i didnt. i was really close, but on my final attempt i stuck what i thought to be the crux move.. got my left foot high and as i was going for the finishing jug my left hand greased out... bummer. Time was called and i finished the comp strong, flashing problem 3 and meeting high point on 4. The comp was super close, and im syked for the trade show comp coming up in around a month or so.. hopefully the problems will be a bit harder, and the field will become a little more spread out.

Aight, so with the comp scratched me, kasia, Issabel, Kevin, and Lesley ladladd spent the next day stomping around NYC. We hiked out to central park, saw some boulders, climbed a little. and then decided to pack it up and take the hour or so drive out to New Paltz and check out the Gunks. We got there around 5ish and got syked to go up and check out some of the blocs for a small sesh.. We started off at the Buddah boulder, where everyone warmed up. then me and Kevin started trying a problem above called The Crouching Dragon, 8a. I was able to dispatch on my 3rd attempt, while kevin continued to tick off the stand start,7c.
After this we chilled out, rented a hotel, got some grub, etc etc

The next day was a FULL day, to say the least. Started off warming up in the Welcome area. I was syked to try and flash the classic Karajo, 8a. Which i was soo close to doing. Sending on my 2nd attempt.. and the girls were scoping the stand start A new pair of Glasses, 7a+. Which they all sent.
After this we took the hike to Venus in Scorpio.. a super classic 7c+/8a. Which i was able to dispatch rather quickly. I would just like to say that i LOVED this problem.. one of the best i have climbed for the grade. a must do in the Gunks. hands down.
So then we rolled back to the Buddah bloc were the girls made progress on the buddah, 7a+ but there were no sends.
Then me and kevin threw our selves at a party trick v10 called freak. I was able to send, while almost snapping my spine.
After this we just started to trudge back towards karajo.. stopping at every other bloc we saw to try and climb some classics and what not. With our last stop being back in the Karajo area where we all threw ourselves at a cool 7b+ called Jackson Pollak. Me and Kevin sent quickly and left the rest of the sesh up to the girls. They were all SUPER close to sending.. linking move after move.. but in the end it was kasia coming through with the ninja beta. Sickness indeed.
Unfortuantely no vids from the trip.. but i can now confidently tell you that the Gunks are more then worth the trip. :)


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Been a minute

So whats up!!
Seems like life has been super lo-key recently. Nothing spectuacular, nothing groundbreaking.. just me training at TBA and sport climbing occasionally.
It's been fun, and motivating.. especially since jwal recently rolled back in town and is keeping my syked. BOOM!

So word, despite the hot weather recently me, kasia, and jeremy decided to take a trip out the the new spot they're calling "Royal Blue" near ktown. We hooked up with Mitch Trice who took us out and showed us around. huge thanks. So while we were there we got to check out a cool little spot they called the golden nuggets.. and the twelve's. Gold nuggs was first. which hosts some stellar rock, small roofs, fun warm-ups and a couple projects. One of which i was able to snag. Calling it " the glory of kings".
This project basically consists of some badass sandstone, perfect start holds, followed by two nice incuts, and a huge toss out to a sloper on the arete.. hard match then a dicey highballish finish. SICK. to say the least.
Unfortunately we weren't able to get footage of this climb due to my absent mindness.. but whatever. stellar bloc. go do it!
After this we packed up and drove out to the 12's. which is somewhat of a smaller area.. and was actually one of the first areas developed in this facinity.
This area seemed to be based on one mini cliff line that ran for around a mile?
Not bad stone, some classic moderate roofs, and whatever.
A couple nice lines we did in particular included a wave featured v6. This problem is almost identical to the wave we all know at LRC. Just continuous slapping up a slopey arete. Its veeeery nice.
Then we trudged out to a problem mitch first climbed called "bird of prey" Me and J both flashed and started to focus our attention on a proj. to the right. J battled a wasp, and we started to chalk up some holds, and figure some beta. J quickly flashed for the F.A and i followed behind in a few efforts. No name for this problem yet.. but its definately one for the books. Nice jug start, intense and bunchy two move crux.. and a nice head wall to finish.
Get out and do this one mitch! You will enjoi.

So with our day finished at royal blue, we headed back to the Mtown and stayed with my rents for the night. Got up the next day and rolled out to the lilly boulders.
It was nice, i repeated some classics, and J straight stomped Testify in the near 80 degree heat.


Also, heading to the Gravity Brawl in New Jersey tomorrow. No expectations. Just syked to chill with some peeps and climb some cool problems. Come out and ball!!

Here's a clip i threw together from those 2 days.

The recent hottness from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Colorado Summer

Aight so with the CO summer closing in I am getting syked on some Alpine blocs!!!!!
Last summer was a blast, and im amped on the crew that will be joining us this year.
Should be the jam!

So check out my vimeo account.
I've added 7 new videos from our trip last year


Sunday, May 3, 2009


Today was sick! 
Went out to Little River in search of some dry rock.. and despite the constant ass loads of rain we were able to stay dry, and climb some fun routes.
Didn't have much time to climb.. but was able to climb a very nice 7b+ called Gecko.

Word, with all the rain in the next week i will return

Oh, and we got the brand spank'n new HD Camera in the mail this week!!! Gotta get out and buy a charger n shiz and we're in business! So hopefully we'll have some vids up soon.

Enjoi the beautiful weather!!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Been Chill'n

Lack of updates recently..  i know.

kasia sent her camera back to Nikon to get fixed and cleaned.. we sold our video camera this week too on Ebay...  Which is straight cause we bought another one!! and its HD!!!!! UHHH!!

But yea, other then that.  been sport climbing. only sport climbing! 
Endurance is in effect, and im finally feeling in stride!!
As sport climbing goes we've been making alot of trips up to Ga.  Climbing on some immaculate stone, and enjoying the warmer weather.
Thinking of making a trip down to Alabama to try SoCo soon! Power endurance to the MAX!
Also heading to fosters this weekend to get on some uber classics and go swimming.

Hope to have something more entertaining up here soon enough.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Deadpointmagazine video

So recently, filmaker Spencer Victory has been making trips down to chatty to film me on certain classic boulder problems of the Southeast.  The reasoning behind this video was to basically showcase some cool blocs, and to possibly give me a bit of recocgnition around the climbing community.  Though all of this filming was hard fucking work, there was a nice positive outcome on the whole situation!
This video is definitely up to par!  and props to Spencer on the edit/filming. 
Good stuff man!
Hope everyone enjoys it.


More from spencer:

Oh, and also i have a certificate for a free pair of Evolve climbing or approach shoes! 
Ha, and since im poor.. im planning on selling this certificate for 50 bucks... so if your syked and in need of some new kicks, just holla.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cumberland Video

So here's a clip i threw together of some of the climbing out on tha cumberland.
The vids alright minus the midsection being cut out of Salo's roof.  SHIT!
While i was uploading it onto my computer for some reason the camera wigged and i lost most of the climb. So i cut it in the middle and started it up at the end... missing 7-8 nice moves out the horizontal bloc...
Other than that the vid includes:

Tommy on a warm up, v2
Jon Gass sending Riverfront v5
Tommy on Salo's Roof, v10
Me sending the supposed project.  now dubbed Seven Eleven, v11

Im really syked on this area... though its limited to only a handful of boulders.. there are still some sick projects on the horizon!  And you best believe i'll be back!!!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009



So this past couple weeks have been sick.  Been doing alot of training at our local TBA climbing gym, kinda been working on my endurance, and power.  Feeling stronger then ever!! Unfortunately all the intense training brings along achy joints, and sore tendons..  but recently i have (for the first time) been trying to actually eat right, and lay of the coca-cola!
My inspiration comes from the dream of climbing hard!!! I've always been infatuated with the idea of making the impossible somewhat effortless.. i've been feeling strong recently, and know i can be stronger.

Time to get down to brass tacks..

On another note..  i've been climbing at this nice area that we call Cumberland.
Its got nice roofs, sick projects and classic warmups/moderates.
We went out again today with friends Janitor Rankins, Tmoney, Ian, and Tomas.
Main goals were to get on Salo's Roof 7c+, and another hard problem called Gross's Roof, 8a 

Peeps were amped today!!
First try on Salo's roof i made it past the last crux (basically finished) to the jug rest. Pulled right hand to this large shelf that ended up ripping off and hitting me in the chest.
From there i had 10ft flail to the ground landing on my back.
Luckily enough the shelf landed next to me on the ground, and not on my head.
Afterwards Ronnie fired the rig. I sent right after, and Tmoney came through in the end to finish off the 3 way!

After that we headed off to try Gross's Roof.
This climb is just about as close as the south will get to  "El Teco" the classic 8a in the Tanks.

From the start this climb felt impossible. but after trying multiple beta's I was able to solve the bloc for the 2nd ascent. This one i thought was quite difficult for me.. but im multiple days on, and feeling super sore from yesterdays training.

Tired yet syked!!

Sorry no photos or vids from today.
Been more focused on the climbing experience rather then sitting behind the camera at every possible second.

Get out and enjoi it!!



Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So dude man Tommy Wilson asked me to do an interview last week.
Hoping to catch the spirit of Southern climbers "before they all move to the front range."
Of course i accepted, and he has now thrown the full interview up on his blog!
So if you feel the need to check it out!
Here it is.

Thanks Tommy!



Friday, March 27, 2009


So Paul Jung threw up a video on vimeo of our day at the Lilly Boulders last weekend.
Its a nice motivating video of some cool boulders, and us trying not to demolish children...  you'll see.
Video includes:
-Hume Problem, 7c/+
-O.P.P., 7a+
-Mojo, 7c
-Porch Monkey/ Evan's Roof, 7b+
-Recluse, 8a. (my epic attempts)
yes.. next time!

Nice vid Paul! Good times!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So Mr. Gross threw together some cool footage from out short trip to Southern Illinois!
It includes a couple uber classic blocs, Worlds Largest Sloper, and a massive unknown dyno that i did.. weighing in somewheres in the 7c/+ range.
Cool clip Gross!



Sunny Skies to Rainy Days

So as of last night us southerners are looking at around 4 straight days of rain!
But though its gonna be nasty out, our local gym TBA is keeping me syked!
Me, and big T Money have been keeping it real, heading down to TBA on most tuesdays and getting our train on! 
So, with the days of rain, come more days to train!
Gonna head in tomorrow around 5 ish for anyone who needs a little extra syke to get stronger!
Our sesh's have been runnin at an estimated 4 hrs long... so we'll be there!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Times in the Tanks

Word, so here's a cool clip i threw together a while back.. but somehow got deleted off my facebook?
It includes, in order of boulder problem:
-Brion Voges, Two minutes under water, v2x
-Hugh Huffaker, Wonder Dyno, 7c+
-Randy Hill, Alma Blanca, 8a+
-Hugh Huffaker, Baby Face, 7a+
-Brion Voges, Full Monty, 8a+
-Brion Voges, Dirty Martini on the Rocks, 7c/+
-Jeremy Rush, Loaded with Power, 7c+


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obed, Tn

So we just got in from climbing at the Obed.. which ended up being a KILLER time!
Energy was high, and half the time my cheeks were on fire from laughing so hard..
But anyway.. we kicked of the day kinda warming up around the KB bloc (preferred).
Then we made our way down to the Classic 7b+ Jack Slap, which everyone dispatched rather quickly.
Next we went over to the Hume Problem,7c/+. which i was uber syked to get on.. after trying it briefly 2 years prior.  I was surprised on how it went! 1st go i found myself throwing at the crux move, which involves a semi awkward lunge off an undercling to a hidden shallow pocket.
And 2nd go, i was on top!  I must say.. in the past few years, i've climbed the majority of the problems in the Lilly Boulders.. and after completing the Hume problem i can for sure say its THE best in the field.  If your visiting... you must try this boulder!! 

So after that we walked up to O.P.P, 7a+.  First to fire the rig was Gunks Local Paul ?. Then Tommy crushed, then Kasia.. . and I also repeated the area classic.
Then we went down to a low roof traverse called Mojo, 7c. Everyone was syked and giving it some goes.. Though Travis and I had already sent the boulder, we were also gett'n in! In the end Paul sent, and I repeated.
After that we walked over to a hard roof climb that they call Recluse, 8a. The problem looked incredible, and i was syked to give it some efforts.. despite the last 3 holds being damp..
I worked out the bottom sequence on my 2nd try, and was falling off the last throw to the slopey jug.. I hate to make excuses but after 6 tries from the start slipping off the jug.. i decided it was a little too damp? ha.
Anyway.. after that we walked up to a cool ass roof climb that i can't remember the name of right now.. but it runs at around 7b+, and Big T Money straight smashed that rig!! 
Then we finished off the day doing a cool boulder called Johnson City Right.
Day was good! Like I knew it would be.

Im out,

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Heading to the Obed tomorrow!
Friends: Tommy Morrison, Paul?, Travis, and Kasia are coming along.
Definately syked to try a few problems, Hume Problem, Recluse, and possibly take the walk down to the Tilt A Whirl bloc.
Should be a good time!
And since i've been on this video kick recently.. here's a clip from Kasia and I's last trip down!


Took a small day trip out to Rocktown yesterday to try a few classics and possibly a couple projects.. Chaz and Kasia came along, and were syked on finishing off a couple classics.
Kasia ended up sending the Sherman Photo Roof 7a+.. and Chaz ended up falling off the last moves of The Orb Direct, and Sherman Traverse! He was soo close, and im sure he'll be out to finish these off in the next week! 
I wasn't able to try the projects due to our short time frame.. but i was able to send a rare bloc in the back called Kearny Problem, 7c.  This somewhat classic boulder lies right off Rescue 911. I was syked!
Here's a little teaser.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

So heres a cool clip that Jon threw up of me climbing two nice boulders in the Buttermilks!
The Mandala, and Xaviers Roof.
Though i have them on my vid.. this clip presents a fresh perspective on both boulders!
Plus the HD helps!
Thanks for throwing that one together Jon!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So went out to a cool little area today near Chattanooga.
The weather was a bit warm.. but still nice enough for some good times, with some good people!
Heres a small clip of TMoney crushin an unknown rig on the riverfront!
Oh and thanks Nate for the beta on gettin these damn vids on my page.. I think im half retarded..


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alright, so here's another small clip i edited today. Got some cool problems from the Happies, and a couple from the Milks! Wish i had some more footy of Jon & Nate. But they will have a sick vid coming soon im sure!

Bishop, CA from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bishop 2

So yea, Bishop was amazing!

I had a great time chillin with some homies, and sick boulders. 
We started out our trip by climbing at the Buttermilks.
Where me and Jon G started trying the Mandala immediately.  The first day we both should've sent but with ideas of checking out the rest of the field we maneuvered our way to other boulders. The next day was a rest day, and with fresh minds, and somewhat skin we both ended up on top through out the trip!

Kasia ended up having a good first day, where she nearly flashed Soul Slinger 7c. and sent High Plains Drifter, 7a+.  The rest of her trip went super well. I think she only took like 1 or 2 rest days the whole time... burly..

Overall im very pleased with the trip! First time in Bishop, and couldn't have asked for better weather, or better friends! 

Times were fun, and ill probably end up throwing more vids and shiz on here eventually.
For now, heres a link to a small vid I threw together of me sending four nice blocs in the Buttermilks!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bishop 1

Alright, so its been forever since ive updated i know.. but since i've been sitting in the Las Vegas Airport for 12 hrs now.. i figured i might as well.

The past month or so has been filled with tons of action!
I returned from Boulder, Co around Feb. 15th. And have just been chillin mostly.
Climbing a few times around chatty, and also took a sick trip to Southern Illinois with my bro's
Scotty Gross, Jon Glassberg, Nate Draughn(pierced), Kasia, and the Ryan Carl.
Check www.jonglassberg.blogspot.com for that update!

After that, a week later me and Kasia were on our way out to Bishop, Ca for our Spring Break.
Bishop was killer! Easily the best stone/ climbing area ive ever seen.
Aesthetics, highballs, good weather, and the open range just littered with gigantic egg featured blocs.. incredible.
haha. also the occasional sloper..
During this trip i realized what my climbing really needs..
A. Crimp strength
B. A better head towards highballs.
Which im truly syked to try and work on!
Anyways.. im bout to run outa time here.
Ill blog some more when i get back home.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Last 3 Weeks

So.. three weeks and counting till my departure from the Hueco Tanks.
Its been a fun couple months.. but for every beginning, there must be an end.
And needless to say im not too upset. My time here as been filled with fun, good people, and some sick bouldering!
So, on Feb. 4th i fly to Boulder, Co.. where i'll spend somewhere around 2 weeks bouldering on the frontrange and competing in the ABS Nationals on Valentines day weekend! So psyched!

While im in Co i have 4 major goals. 
First is to possibly snag the 3rd ascent of Eldo's Suspension of Disbelief.  

Second: Attempt flashing The Dark Waters. In Clear Creek Canyon.

Third: Free Range, in Boulder Canyon

Fourth: Circadium Rythm in the Poudre Canyon.

Lofty Goals i know! but still psyched! 

Some shots.

The always beautiful, Hueco Sunset

Chris on Ultra-mega

mwahaha...  "the princess"

Maxim gettin it on with no rubber.
Jasons new highball
"To die For"

Max again running a quick last minute lap on "The Maiden"



Monday, January 5, 2009

More good times here in the Hueco Tanks.  
Friends came in, and friends shipped out.
One of them being Jon michael! He had an impressive week or two here. Completed two solid 10s, Loaded with Power, and Free Willy. Congrats kid!
Here's a few random shots over the course of the last few weeks.

Nickles on Better Eat Your Wheaties, v8.

Me working on Diabolique.
So close on the send!
Waiting for a wave of good temps!

Randy on the sickest send of Power of Silence ive ever seen!