Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Long Day

So this morning I woke up around 630, with plans to meet Jenkins at Greenlife around 730... This is the first time since i've been back from Colorado, that ive woken up before noon.
So burly!
But the temps were great and me and Jenkins went to try the segal project.
Didn't really try the original project that matt cleaned.. but 
set our sites on a line heading left instead!  Even though there was no sendage.. im pretty psyched! Ive come to realize that this problem is gonna be sick! Definately a hard one.. for who ever is worthy!
So afterwards we headed up to Damn Yankees.
Jenkins had yet to try this one.. and was psyched on gunning for the 2nd ascent!
And even though he had some close attempts... once again, no sendage.
Couple shots.
Segal Project

Damn Yankees, v9

So then Jenkins had to work.. so i headed back home for some grub.
But less than an hour later, Carl was on his way over and psyched to head back out to Suck Creek. So i sucked it up, and headed out.
Jwal decided to come out! and after getting super close to Damn Yankees last time, he was confident to nail the 2nd. And he did! It was sick effort!!!
And then afterwards we finished up attempting a new proj in the base of the creek. It was a hard jump start that we thought to be around v9. I sent. Then Jeremy followed soon after.

 Battle and the Beast, v9
2nd ascent
Right about here Jeremy's left hand ripped off, breaking the good edge.
He almost died..

So overall the day was sick. Also got a vid of Jwal killin Damn Yankees!
 So, im tired.. and im probably gonna sleep for a week.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Laurel Snow

So today went out to Laurel snow with Jeremy and Kasia.
Me and Jeremy were both psyched on trying a couple new projects! So after warming up in the riverdance area.. we started trying the proj. "Southern Draw". This line lies on the far left side of the Riverdance boulder. And after some goes Jeremy figured out the crux sequence.. which involves a really high left heel hook.. and right hand bumps of a series of terrible crimps. I was eventually able to link the line from the start to the last move... but was unable to complete the problem. So psyched to return to this one.. and after some close attempts, i believe that problem will be in the 8a range. Check back soon for hopefully some good news!!
Photos from Kasia!

Southern Draw
Biscuit chillin

So afterwards we decided to take the 20 minute hike back to Laurel Snow, with intentions of trying Jamies project that he cleaned a little less than a year ago. And after some treacherous hiking we finally arrived at the beautiful wall. Me and jeremy gave it some goes and soon realized we could both send! So with some major psych we completed the line in less than an hour!! Dubbing the new line "Western Gold" 8a. So amped on this problem.. and by far one of my proudest f.a.'s! I wish there were more like this...
Thanks again Jamie!!

The Send.
"Western Gold"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dayton Pocket, Tn

So psyched on tomorrow! Me and Jeremy are gonna be heading out to laurel Snow early to get on one of the best projects i've seen yet!
It was cleaned almost a year ago by a strong one.. Jamie Emerson. But last season, i only got one round of attempts!  So with some good weather, and strong psych! I will attempt this "king line". 
Heres a couple old photos. 

Wish me Luck.

Friday, October 24, 2008

So heres a small vid from our day at the Obed. 
Not much.
Kasia sending Flexorsize contrived, v7. Jack Slap, v7/8. and me on testify, v12
imovie is difficult.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Had a surprisingly good day today at Little Rock City.
Started off doing Bosleys face, v10. Then made my way to the back to dispatch New Sensations, v11. Then back up front to finally send the hardest dyno ive completed. Flying High, v11. Good times and good sends. Jwal also sent new sensations in an impressive 5 tries.. Felt really nice today! More good days to come!

 New Sensations

Flying High


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

LRC Sickness

Went to Lrc today with Jeremy. Not to climb. but to witness one of the sickest, most impressive 3 hours of straight destruction ive seen in a while. The day started around 10 oclock as jeremy warmed up in the front. Afterwards we walked back towards the Super mario bloc.. which has a long standing project going staight up the middle. Jeremy had told me he had attempted the proj. over the last few days. and had completed all the moves. Needless to say i was super psyched to come out n witness the sickness. and after a few scrubs and a couple tics. He sent first go. Dubbing the new, more than worthy addition to the south. "Jeremiah" V11
So sick!.

So then after the quick dispatch. Jeremy felt psyched.. and strong. So we continued onwards to the back 9. and in a few tries he also dispatched The Shield v12. So psyched on today! and super motivated. Tomorrow i will head out to lrc to attempt the new Jeremiah. Congrats to Jeremy on the sick sends.
Ladies... this ones single.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Obed, Tn

Me and kasia went to the Obed today.
Temps were amazing! 
Kasia made quick work of a few things.. including Flexorsize Contrived, v7. and Jack Slap v8.
As for me i had my sights set on the v12 Testify.
After getting close last season.. i felt confident i could finish it off... and i did!
Times are good! 


Pretty psyched on the send!
It was nice day at the obed.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Shield @ LRC

Went to LRC today with some friends from Boone.. Nate, Jon G, Alex, and Brian.
From the start we had some intentions on attempting the shield. I was psyched to try this one again after getting super close last season! So after a few warm ups we decided to try the rig.
Didnt feel too hot at first but after some goes i realized i could send!
Just got psyched and fired it off.
This one is by far the best boulder problem ive done. and may be for a really long time!
Head'n to boone for a few days now! Good temps are coming!

Photos take by Kasia!

Jon G


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Suck Creek, TN

Went to suck creek today with Caleb.
Not too much went down. Just good fun, and a couple new boulders.
This spots got some potential!

Staring down the Barrel

New one.

Overbite v8 com'n up the middle

Caleb attempting the new one.
Riding the Hippo

The Send


Monday, October 13, 2008

Numero dos.

Some more shots from last weekend!

Bluegrass Festival

Vice on Grooverider

David on Millipede

Vice battln Bum Boy

HUGE Grasshopper!

Dude from Memphis on Slider
Hello Mandy!