Thursday, May 27, 2010

Colorado 2

Well, another week has passed here in CO and we've been spending our time climbing as much as we can. More recently we've made a couple trips up to Emerald Lake at the RMNP. There's still TONS of snow up there, but all the boulders are basically good to go. We spent the majority of our last day there at a really nice problem called Storm Shadow, V11, a problem I did our first day up there. Brion was able to dispatch while John and Nate spent around 3 hours trying to take down the V10 stand start. After they both got DEVASTATINGLY close they decided to call it and come back another day. ( they will crush next time ) I was then stoked to try a little problem up the hill called Hi Fi V11. This one's short and powerful, and in my opinion the crux of the problem was getting the feet set up high for the right hand throw.. and after some sussin out, i was able to finish it off.

Tomorrow we're gonna attempt the hike up to Mt. Evans.. the snow im sure is still pretty stacked so we will see if we can make it... Supposedly the Dali Bloc is completely good to go, so we're really syked to test the waters.

Here's another vid i threw together of some climbing at RMNP...


Colorado 2 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Day in Boulder Canyon

So not too much has been going on here. The rain n snow over the past several days have left us sitting on the couch playing video games, and watchin t.v.. Luckily enough we've found a small break in the weather and we got to head out to Boulder Canyon today to do some climbing. We started out trying Chris Schulte's Free Range, but the warm weather threatened our skin so we moved on. After this we went over to Hardboiled, v11. I was able to send 1st try, and John Gass made good links of Replacement Killers, V10. Next up was another Chris Schulte special Authentic Battle Damage, V12. In the beginning i was skeptical. The sun was baking the right side of the wall and my skin felt pretty toast from trying Free Range. So i sussed out some moves while Nate and John made quick ascents of the V8 stand. Sitting around unsure if a send was feasible, i decided to give it another go. I pulled off the ground and before i knew it I was on top. This thing is definately not the best boulder in CO.. but for as much shit as it gets I was surprised on how much i enjoyed it. Compression lines like this are hard to come by and Im syked it was here for me to try. Props to Schulte on this one. I approve.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brion Voges in Joe's Valley, Ut

So today and tomorrow are both rest dayz for us here in Denver. Our fingers, and skin are pretty worked so the rest is most needed. On thursday we're planning on heading out to Newlin Creek just outside of Pueblo, Co to get on some area classics such as: William Shatner V12, The nickness V10, Megladon v?, and many others. The weather here is starting to look a bit grim for the next week, so hopefully escaping to Newlin will bring us good weather, and sick boulders!

Also, here's a quick clip of Brion climbing in Joe's Valley. The vid includes two classic boulders called Big Joe Left V11, and Worm Turns, V10.


Brion Voges in Joe's Valley from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Both Sides

Went out today to Moraine Park in the RMNP. Goal of the day was to send a really nice v12 called Both Sides of the Spectrum. There was great success, and i was able to dispatch on my 2nd try. Tomorrow i think we're takin it easy and heading out to Morrison to climb on some randoms. This will be followed by a couple well needed rest dayz.

Here's a vid of the last couple days

Colorado 1 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

First few days in the Western States

So we've been in Joe's Valley now for 3 days. Today is our much needed rest day, and we're chillin at the library studyin up on classic lines hidden up in the hills close by. Our climbing days thus far have left us syked and anxious!

On our first day Brion and I climbed the Ghost King V10, I then climbed the Porn King v10, and Nate was able to make a sick ascent of Resident Evil, V9.

On our second day Brion and I climbed Big Joe Left V11, and I made a quick ascent of The Low Left Worm Turns, v12. Also Nate flashed the super classic Wills a Fire, V6.

We're unsure on how many days we have left here. Tomorrow looks a bit warm, and saturday looks absolutely incredible up in Poudre Canyon.. sooo what to do?

Also on another note I am proud to announce that i was able to make the 3rd ascent of Suspension of Disbelief V13! We drove around 26 hours to Co, and upon our arrival the syke began to build high. We quickly got in touch with Carlo, and he and Ryan Sylven took us up to Eldorado Canyon for a quick tour. Suspension is by FAR the. best. boulder i've ever climbed, and im really syked to have climbed it. I also would like to note that my ascent was ground up. Why anyone would toprope this boulder i dunno? The line is only somewhat tall, and the landing is decent, although the possibility of blowing the last move dyno could produce some major consequences. Either way, really syked!

Also Carlo was super close on the day of my ascent, and so i was really syked to hear that he went back and finished it off with style! Dudes damn strong! So who knows whats next for him? Jade?! We'll see..