Friday, March 27, 2009


So Paul Jung threw up a video on vimeo of our day at the Lilly Boulders last weekend.
Its a nice motivating video of some cool boulders, and us trying not to demolish children...  you'll see.
Video includes:
-Hume Problem, 7c/+
-O.P.P., 7a+
-Mojo, 7c
-Porch Monkey/ Evan's Roof, 7b+
-Recluse, 8a. (my epic attempts)
yes.. next time!

Nice vid Paul! Good times!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So Mr. Gross threw together some cool footage from out short trip to Southern Illinois!
It includes a couple uber classic blocs, Worlds Largest Sloper, and a massive unknown dyno that i did.. weighing in somewheres in the 7c/+ range.
Cool clip Gross!


Sunny Skies to Rainy Days

So as of last night us southerners are looking at around 4 straight days of rain!
But though its gonna be nasty out, our local gym TBA is keeping me syked!
Me, and big T Money have been keeping it real, heading down to TBA on most tuesdays and getting our train on! 
So, with the days of rain, come more days to train!
Gonna head in tomorrow around 5 ish for anyone who needs a little extra syke to get stronger!
Our sesh's have been runnin at an estimated 4 hrs long... so we'll be there!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Times in the Tanks

Word, so here's a cool clip i threw together a while back.. but somehow got deleted off my facebook?
It includes, in order of boulder problem:
-Brion Voges, Two minutes under water, v2x
-Hugh Huffaker, Wonder Dyno, 7c+
-Randy Hill, Alma Blanca, 8a+
-Hugh Huffaker, Baby Face, 7a+
-Brion Voges, Full Monty, 8a+
-Brion Voges, Dirty Martini on the Rocks, 7c/+
-Jeremy Rush, Loaded with Power, 7c+


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obed, Tn

So we just got in from climbing at the Obed.. which ended up being a KILLER time!
Energy was high, and half the time my cheeks were on fire from laughing so hard..
But anyway.. we kicked of the day kinda warming up around the KB bloc (preferred).
Then we made our way down to the Classic 7b+ Jack Slap, which everyone dispatched rather quickly.
Next we went over to the Hume Problem,7c/+. which i was uber syked to get on.. after trying it briefly 2 years prior.  I was surprised on how it went! 1st go i found myself throwing at the crux move, which involves a semi awkward lunge off an undercling to a hidden shallow pocket.
And 2nd go, i was on top!  I must say.. in the past few years, i've climbed the majority of the problems in the Lilly Boulders.. and after completing the Hume problem i can for sure say its THE best in the field.  If your visiting... you must try this boulder!! 

So after that we walked up to O.P.P, 7a+.  First to fire the rig was Gunks Local Paul ?. Then Tommy crushed, then Kasia.. . and I also repeated the area classic.
Then we went down to a low roof traverse called Mojo, 7c. Everyone was syked and giving it some goes.. Though Travis and I had already sent the boulder, we were also gett'n in! In the end Paul sent, and I repeated.
After that we walked over to a hard roof climb that they call Recluse, 8a. The problem looked incredible, and i was syked to give it some efforts.. despite the last 3 holds being damp..
I worked out the bottom sequence on my 2nd try, and was falling off the last throw to the slopey jug.. I hate to make excuses but after 6 tries from the start slipping off the jug.. i decided it was a little too damp? ha.
Anyway.. after that we walked up to a cool ass roof climb that i can't remember the name of right now.. but it runs at around 7b+, and Big T Money straight smashed that rig!! 
Then we finished off the day doing a cool boulder called Johnson City Right.
Day was good! Like I knew it would be.

Im out,

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Heading to the Obed tomorrow!
Friends: Tommy Morrison, Paul?, Travis, and Kasia are coming along.
Definately syked to try a few problems, Hume Problem, Recluse, and possibly take the walk down to the Tilt A Whirl bloc.
Should be a good time!
And since i've been on this video kick recently.. here's a clip from Kasia and I's last trip down!


Took a small day trip out to Rocktown yesterday to try a few classics and possibly a couple projects.. Chaz and Kasia came along, and were syked on finishing off a couple classics.
Kasia ended up sending the Sherman Photo Roof 7a+.. and Chaz ended up falling off the last moves of The Orb Direct, and Sherman Traverse! He was soo close, and im sure he'll be out to finish these off in the next week! 
I wasn't able to try the projects due to our short time frame.. but i was able to send a rare bloc in the back called Kearny Problem, 7c.  This somewhat classic boulder lies right off Rescue 911. I was syked!
Here's a little teaser.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

So heres a cool clip that Jon threw up of me climbing two nice boulders in the Buttermilks!
The Mandala, and Xaviers Roof.
Though i have them on my vid.. this clip presents a fresh perspective on both boulders!
Plus the HD helps!
Thanks for throwing that one together Jon!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So went out to a cool little area today near Chattanooga.
The weather was a bit warm.. but still nice enough for some good times, with some good people!
Heres a small clip of TMoney crushin an unknown rig on the riverfront!
Oh and thanks Nate for the beta on gettin these damn vids on my page.. I think im half retarded..


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alright, so here's another small clip i edited today. Got some cool problems from the Happies, and a couple from the Milks! Wish i had some more footy of Jon & Nate. But they will have a sick vid coming soon im sure!

Bishop, CA from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bishop 2

So yea, Bishop was amazing!

I had a great time chillin with some homies, and sick boulders. 
We started out our trip by climbing at the Buttermilks.
Where me and Jon G started trying the Mandala immediately.  The first day we both should've sent but with ideas of checking out the rest of the field we maneuvered our way to other boulders. The next day was a rest day, and with fresh minds, and somewhat skin we both ended up on top through out the trip!

Kasia ended up having a good first day, where she nearly flashed Soul Slinger 7c. and sent High Plains Drifter, 7a+.  The rest of her trip went super well. I think she only took like 1 or 2 rest days the whole time... burly..

Overall im very pleased with the trip! First time in Bishop, and couldn't have asked for better weather, or better friends! 

Times were fun, and ill probably end up throwing more vids and shiz on here eventually.
For now, heres a link to a small vid I threw together of me sending four nice blocs in the Buttermilks!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bishop 1

Alright, so its been forever since ive updated i know.. but since i've been sitting in the Las Vegas Airport for 12 hrs now.. i figured i might as well.

The past month or so has been filled with tons of action!
I returned from Boulder, Co around Feb. 15th. And have just been chillin mostly.
Climbing a few times around chatty, and also took a sick trip to Southern Illinois with my bro's
Scotty Gross, Jon Glassberg, Nate Draughn(pierced), Kasia, and the Ryan Carl.
Check for that update!

After that, a week later me and Kasia were on our way out to Bishop, Ca for our Spring Break.
Bishop was killer! Easily the best stone/ climbing area ive ever seen.
Aesthetics, highballs, good weather, and the open range just littered with gigantic egg featured blocs.. incredible.
haha. also the occasional sloper..
During this trip i realized what my climbing really needs..
A. Crimp strength
B. A better head towards highballs.
Which im truly syked to try and work on!
Anyways.. im bout to run outa time here.
Ill blog some more when i get back home.