Friday, June 24, 2011

Lincoln Lake Video

Here's a cool clip of Brian A and I climbing some rocks up at Lincoln Lake. Courtesy of BEAR CAM !!!

Jimmy Webb and Brian Antheunisse tear da lake up from cameron maier on Vimeo.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Climbing in Colorado

So it's been about three weeks since I arrived in Co, and the times have been pretty good! I've been living here in Boulder with good friends Dave G and Diego Montull. Dave has been kind enough to allow me to stay at his crib FO FREE !! Which is always baller. Most of my time has been spent in the beautiful remote areas of Mt. Evans. Though upon my arrival I was able to check out the new hot spot Endo Valley, located at a lower sector of Rocky Mountain National Park. Words can't fully explain how amazing these areas are here. I have to say Lincoln Lake is just the shit. The scenery is breathtaking, the boulders are amazing, and the 'scene' is mostly quiet and peaceful. Everything you look for in a climbing area !

The past 2 weeks i've spent the majority of my time up at Lincoln. Trying to repeat all the amazing problems Dave and Daniel established last season. So far things have gone well, and i've been able to tick away a few very nice problems. Here's a small SPRAY list for ya ( every single one of these problems come HIGHLY recommended )

-Endo Valley-
Flux for Life v13
Dave's Problem V10
Glow in the Dark Estrellas V11
Extra Alienated V9 (flash)

-Lincoln Lake & Area A-
Phobos V10 (flash)
Honey Badger V11 (flash)
The Exfoliator V12
Tattooed Teardrops V12 (flash)
Evil Backwards V13
Death Trout V13
Vanilla Sky V13
We Can Build You V14
Big Worm V14

Just 4 days ago I was up at Area A and I was trying what might be one of the hardest problems EVER for me.. Ode to the Modern Man. It basically revolves around 3 hard moves, climbing on some of the smallest holds i've ever seen. I surprised myself this year by nearly nabbing an ascent. Though on one of my final attempts I split my pinkie pretty deep, and haven't been able to heal it up since. With 8 days left on my trip i'm super nervous that my skin will not be ready for another round before i leave..... we shall see!

Other than that my next 8 days will be mainly spent at lincoln lake. Really psyched to try a few more problems such as Little House on the Prairie, Warrior Up, To your scattered bodies go, and Let the right one in. Lets hope my skin holds up!!!

Be sure to check where all my psyche be comin from !!