Sunday, November 29, 2009


HP40 trip was a little shorter then expected. We arrived friday morn around 8 and quickly ran out to warm up. Kasia made a quick dispatch of Landslide, while i tried Illusions in the sun.. Negative. After this i went to try my luck on Genetic.. again negative.
Soon enough we met up with Weaver and Nate. Nate had a sick day. sending Law Dog, Litz Pocket, Squeeze Play, and Supa Coola! So with that syke I was thenable to send a few problems on the ole list. First was Great Dane, which had never appealed to me due to the tweaky 2 finger pocket. But surprisingly it wasn't half bad! Next was the Matchmaker Project which i had gotten somewhat close on in years past. Feeling fresh and motivated i was able to take it down in a few tries. BAWSE! After this light was fading but i decided to run up and try the Stingray Project. Lucky enough i was able to send on my 1st go! Thanks to Reyes for the pads, and the vid!
Finished up tired, and bleeding.. so it was off to chattanooga!
Here's a vid


Southern Blocs from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Right now we're in the Mtown for thanksgiving with the fam.. Afterwards we're bustin it back quickly for what should be a really nice weekend in the HP40!
Hope everyone has a nice thanksgiving and eats LOTS of food, i know i will!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So sunday brought the rain.. leaving monday slightly damp, and very humid. Me, Voges, Kasia, and Jon decided to try our luck no how, making the drive out to Bama with hopes of some dry rock. We arrived early, and surprisingly shit was decently dry! We hiked up to the main area and warmed up. Meanwhile catching a glimpse of a very rare animal... a ram.. Wha?? These things are definitely not habitants in the Bama Hills. So your guess is as good as mine.
The day was good overall. Started of with some moderates, and made our way to Big Poppa, v8. Voges and I then got on a linkup i did last season which I called Grandpoppa, v9. After this we made our way down to The Pearl, v8 and The Main Event v11/12. The Main Event is something i had done in the past.. but hadn't been on in a while. I decided to give it a shot, and surprisingly was able to hook it up in a few goes. Progression!! Finishing it off we made our way back to the wetlands. Jon and Kasia gave some efforts on Ninja Camp Roof, v8 and I was able to send one of my old problems Masterbeta, v9. And as always Voges ripped more holes in his fingers... :)

Here's a clip of the day


Some Alabama Shit from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random Update

Nothing too serious going on here. The past couple weeks have been uneventful in the climbing scene. I haven't been able to climb too much due to my damn ankle. Hopefully that all changes soon.
Saturday Kasia and I attended the Castle Rock Trail Day up in Jasper, Tn. It was a great event, and though there wasn't too much work to do i was a little disappointed in the lack of attendance. There were around 12 or so people there and half hadn't even been to the area, including me and Kash. Not pointing fingers at anyone, but us as climbers need to show a little more appreciation to these areas. We are very lucky they are even here for us to enjoi.

On another note, Jon Gass is in the chattown, and i believe our weekday plans include some bouldering!! Jon moved to Denver last summer and has seemed to have gotten a bit stronger. Syked to see what this boy can pull down with some hometown syke!

Hope all is well


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Day

Today's LRC session was nice. The weather was cool, and the rock was mostly dry. We warmed up in the front and quickly got on I Think I Can. I was feeling decent and decided to go try Tall Tee. But no dice... my ankle is still a bit sprained and the large move to the arete was KILLING me. So I decided to call it. Afterwards we went over to The Noogan, so i could stay a little closer to the deck. I gave it 3 or 4 tries, falling on the big move each time. I felt good, and could've finished but the stretched out match was a tweaker on the ankle. Kasia then wanted to go over to Mann Hans? So we hiked over. She did the crux move quick and was satisfied. I for SOME reason decided to try this terrible boulder.. in a few tries i sent, but would never recommend anyone to try this rockclimb. Absolutely terrible... im sorry. Jacob was out with us and wanted to head over to the Cleopatra bloc. I ran up the Cindy Cleo Traverse, while he got really close on cleo! Kasia also crushed Cleopatra, and Cinderella. With light fading i met up with Weaver, and Drolet. Brad was COMPLETELY trashed, and basically bleeding.. but i drug his ass over to The Law anyways.. haha sorry B. And with great surprise i was able to send on my 1st try! I unfortunately put a hole in my tip, but it feels good to see some progression!

Aight so here's a clip i threw together


Good Times in the Nooga from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So tomorrow is another day for us out at the LRC. Voges and I are gonna be heading up there around 11, meeting up with Kasia, and Jacob Fellers later. I have my sights on the new project Tall Tee that has been consuming my thoughts. This problem is by far one of the hardest i've tried in the field, and will be most syked to see it go! It basically revolves around throwing from a very poor micro edge to the sloping lip. Crux not exactly being the distance of this move, but more so the body tension required to stick it, and keep your foot on the smear. BAWSE!! Grade wise, i am not completely certain.. but i'd say its atleast upper end v12?? Here's some shots of Voges and I attempting Tall Tee.
Wish us luck!


"The Move"

My hat falling off.. again

Voges, so close!

V6 finish

Friday, November 13, 2009

On the Creek

It's been getting closer to bouldering season around chatty, and we've been making our ways outside to some remote spots to climb some classics. Here's a few on the creek!


Chattanooga, Tn from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Hp40 comp was a success! The weekend was a great time filled with good people, and world class boulder problems.
Though it was warm, and I felt a little outa the game i was able to come out on top.
Here's a quick rundown of the day.

Voges and I warmed up on the phenomenal v2 "The Wasp" and headed over to No Tranquility v9. It was warm, and baking in the sun so i knew if i had a chance to send, it would HAVE to be quick. And that is thankfully what I did, sending 1st try.
Afterwards we went to God Module v11. I sent in a few goes, and Voges did the same. Then we went to try Slider Sit v10. It felt really greasy and i was unsure if I was gonna be able to dispatch. But Voges shot me some key beta, and next thing i knew i was on top. Voges went on to do the enduro Super Slider v10, and we were on our way. Next on the list for me was Hot N Tot v10, and Cadillac Thrills V9 which i was able to send 1st go. Then it was Balrog v10. A problem Voges and I had sent the week before. and were able to polish it off quick. After that it was around 2 or so, and getting hot as fuck! So in the heat of the day, and already pretty spent i decided to try Skeletor v10. 1st go i got into the v8 odd job and juiced off.. with a little rest I was able to scrap up it. BARELY! Then I went on to send Pegmato v9, And made my way down to The Process v10. As i arrived i was lucky enough to catch some good beta from Jwal, since i have never tried the boulder. And with a bit of effort i sent, and finished the day sending the classic mantle Stingray v9. DONE!

So today is monday and I am STILL dead tired, and have no intention on going climbing till wednesday.
Life is good, and for now im am going skating!