Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So today was a day at rocktown for me, kash, rami, and nate. We started off the day with absolutely NO warmup. Nate and I were syked on Iron Claw Sit.. this is a problem that i had tried briefly a couple years back in the rain. So needless to say i was syked to get back to it. The problem starts on a set of underclings that seem to always be wet. From there you pull on a stuff a right heel on a sloper and ackwardly thrutch across to a good slope. After a couple more slaps on the arete you do a high right hand heel and cross big to a fat ass pinch.. then finish the bloc on easier moves. After Nate and I sent the original boulder i noticed an undercling about 2 ft left of the OG start. Intrigued and slightly bored i sat down and gave it an effort. On the first go i fell off the last move, and sent on my 2nd try. This problem is in no way recommended, but just another problem if you're feeling the urge.
From here we hiked up to Golden Harvest. I made a repeat and Nate go super close! And after this we hiked up to the Little and Big Bad Boulders and all had a run a couple classics. Nate and I were able to send Blackout, and Big Bad Right, and I finished off the area doing Big Bad, and Little Bad.. CLASSICS!
So then Nate was syked to head up to Speculum and give it some efforts, while Rami messed around on The Womb. Nate had some damn good efforts on Speculum, and Rami did all the moves on the womb quickly.. but no sends. Then i was fortunate enough to snag some ascents on Digital Scales, Speculum, and The orb to finsh off the day.
All in all it was a damn fine day, and we hiked out tired and hungry.
I through together a small clip of the day, and Nate through one together as well.

Rocktown from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Iron Claw Sit(V10) and Blackout(V10) from Nate Draughn on Vimeo.

Also Nate and Rami have decided to extend their stay till sunday, so be sure to stay tuned! SHITS GONNA GET DONE!!!!!


Monday, December 28, 2009

Genetic n Shit

So here's a small clip i edited of the day at Hp40!


Hp40 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Great Success!!

So today we went to hp40! Our crew for the day included: Me, Kasia, Nate Draughn, Rami, John Gass,Mark Williams, Voges, Joe Beth, Randy Hill, Reger, Lee F, Maxim (crippled) Zolotuhkin, J Rush, and some others. Obviously a big day for hp!
So the day ended up really good, and tons of peeps crushed. I personally had my dream day at hp today.. somehow snagging two long awaited 2nd ascents of James Litz's Genetic, and Lee Paynes Illusions. SYKED!! After this i was able to do the FA of Ghetto Superstar Right ( an old Jeff Whales project) and finished off the day climbing classics like, Trick or Treat, American Pie, Don't Rock my Boat, The Kiss, and Skywalker.
And now to speed this up im gonna slap down a ticlist for ya!

- Landslide, v9

- Waterloo, v8
- Thugs n Bitches, v8
- Shoulda damn dun Skeletor, v10

- Waterloo, v8
- Thugs N Bitches, v8
- Odd Job, v8
- Law Dog, V8

- Hammerhead, v5
- Grooverider, v3
- Highlife, v4

- Illusions v12
- Genetic, v,11
- Ghetto Superstar Right, v10

- Slider, v9
- The Thief, v7
- The Flow, v7/8

Gonna have some more vids up here soon!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another day at the LRC

Today was a nice day out at Little Rock City.. Voges was syked to finish up Reflections, and we were both pretty syked for another round on the Tall Tee Project. Day started off with Jon Gass sending The Mechanic, v7.. he also got a new camera for christmas so im sure there will be a vid up sometime soon!
Then voges quickly took down Reflections and I started warming up some. Mr Luis rodriguez was also out today with a posse of peeps, so crash pads were plentiful. Everyone seemed syked on the classic Kaya, v8 so i jumped on board!
Afterwards we tried Tall Tee some and surprisingly go pretty close on "the move".. After today i feel as if it could go anytime!
fingers crossed.
Then we started playing on an undone dyno project on the same wall as Flying High. At first we were skeptical.. but after about a half hour of work I was able to snag the FA of Watch your back, v11. Really like this one!! So get syked and go get on it!
Here's a clip from today.


Another from Little Rock City from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Hueco Vid 1

So here's the first Hueco video in the series! It includes Voges climbing El Techo, 8a. Me climbing Nick Duttles new problem on East, Sunshine 8a+. And Isabelle Faus climbing her first 8a, chbalanke!

More to come, so stay tuned!!


Hueco Tanks 2009 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

A couple G's

Here's a quick clip of Voges and Weaver crushin in the Fred's Cave. Also im almost done with the first hueco vid!


2 from Fred's Cave from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Trip recap

So we're back now from our 2 week trip to Arkansas, and Hueco Tanks. The trip overall was sick, filled with good boulders, decent weather(in arkansas), and good friends.
It was me, kasia, Isabelle, Nate Drolet, Brion Voges, Hailey, and Brad Weaver. and later met up with Ben Tsui, and Jon Gass.
We first set off to the ranch in Jasper, AR.
First day was way too damn cold. High of 26 with 15mph winds = FUCK NO!
2nd day was much nicer and we strolled out to Fred's Cave, where i spent most of the time filming and hangin out.
Brad Weaver was there in full effect, and was taking down everything! Sending Fred's Roof v10 in a few tries. and quickly dispatching One Inch Pinch, v12 in similar fashion! Voges also snagged an ascent of the One inch pinch, ripping off all of his fingers, again, while doing it.
After this Voges and i trucked on out to Wood Grain Grippin for my second round of attempts. Needless to say i was fucking syked!! I quickly was able to link the boulder to the large throw to the pinch(which i was unable to do before) but unfortunately 10 more minutes later my wrist was too tweaked to even try it again.. Voges, ripped up and sore from Freds cave, quickly worked through all the moves like a G. We are VERY syked to return!
The rest of the trip in AR was decent, the weather seemed to be disagreeing with us, and i spent a day hiking all over a mountain trying to find Forever Botany, and another day/ hour trying Lost in the Hood in the rain, which ended with a spit tip... no bueno.
So with the weather on the ish we decided to head on out to Hueco.
Day 1:
Voges and I warmed up, and quickly dispatched El Techo V11, which is now MUCH easier due to a recent break.
Kasia and Isabelle also sent Roughage v7, and Nate did a cool one called Slip it In, V7.
After this Me and Voges ran over to Diaboliquie V13. I was syked on this one, after getting agonizingly close last season!
So after coming really close, falling again BARELY on the last move, i split yet another tip on my right hand.. sooo bummed. After this the boulder did not seem to work with a taped tip.

Day 2:
Again we hiked over to Diabolique. Voges was syked, and was able to send in just a few tries! I again punted.. and was NOT syked.. DONE!
After this i was in need of some redemption, and wanted to hike up to the martini cave and try Nalle's new sit start to dirty martini on the rocks called Tequilla Sunrise, v12. First try i stuffed the heel in a big hueco and fell off the first move. 2nd try instead of a heel, i tried the toe and almost did the first move! Then third try with toe again i sunk the first edge and sprinted to the top. Very syked on the quick ascent!
Kasia was then syked to try Black Mamba, v9.. which she was able to crush quickly!
The rest of the day I spent resting, filming, and soaking in the sun.

Day 3:
We went to East Mtn, with Toshi, Keita, and others. I was syked to get on a boulder that Nick Duttle had recently established called Sunshine, V12, and despite it baking in the sun, i was able to hook it up in about 20 min.
Meanwhile, Voges and Toshi gave some very close attempts on slashface, falling on the last moves!
Afterwards we all hiked over to the Dragons Den. Ben Tsui ran up a couple of classics on the hobbit boulder, and kasia climbed Hobbit in a blender, V5. Then Voges and I were syked on Full throttle V13! Unfortunately i was again dissapointed hoping that my foot hand shrunk so i could fit into the crucial heel toe.. but that was a negative. Voges got syked though, and worked out all the moves quickly, and returned twice determined to send! Which he did on our very last day! Sick fucking effort buddy. Props!

Day 4:
We went to the Spur! I tried the machinist v13 a little, and did all the moves quick! We then went over to the egg, v8. where Nate was syked and sent in a few tries. Then just up the way, nate and isabelle worked out all the moves on Purple Flowers, v9.. while kasia worked out the lowstart Flower power, v10. And later on isabelle was able to dispatch Mr. Serious, V8 at the end of the day!

Day 5:
Was back at the spur where i tried the machinist sum more, and sadly enough i broke a crucial hold on the end of the rail.. BUMMER.. After this Nate and isabelle sent purple flowers, and kasia got REALLY close on the low.
I went on to send A single Word, a really nice v12 on the tip of the spur.. and we finished off the day chillin in the gunks!

Day 6( Last Day):
Ended up to be a VERY good day for everyone!! We warmed up and i was able to dispatch Chbalanke v11(NEMESIS).. and isabelle followed close behind! Sending her first 8a.. absolute sickness!!! Then we went over to Power of Silence, so kasia, isabelle, and jon could work on that. Having already done that boulder i decided to get on Sarah V11.. and surprisingly was able to send 1st try.
Then it was off to the chains so Nate could try Fern Roof, v8 and i could try the low start, v13. Nate sent in a few tries, and i followed close behind! We then hiked over to guns of navarone, jon quickly flashed that shit and we were off to try Jason kehl's new tufa boulder, bloodline, v7. Kasia, isabelle and I both sent.
Meanwhile, nate was syked on big nosed miley v9/10.. so we hiked over and met up!
I was then able to repeat bleeding brothers, v12 and Nate got really close on the miley.. but with the darkness closing in we had to bail.

Trip over, and trip was good!!
Why the hell can't we have an el pecito here in chattanooga....
Oh well.

Vids n shit to come soon!