Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Recent

As of late i've been climbing a decent bit. Training in the gym, sport climbing, and some bouldering around Chatt. My highlight of the past 2 weeks though was the fact that I got to bolt my first sport route. I chose a really nice orange wall just out right of Apes on Acid at Castle Rocks. The line reminds me of a harder version of No Redemption at the RRG, and tomorrow i'm heading back to try my hand at the first ascent.

I've dubbed it 'Cookie Monster'

Today though Kasia, Rami, and I went out to Little ROck City for an afternoon sesh. The rock was still quite damp but we were able to find some dry rock.

I tried the impossible 8a, Made in France. Has anyone even climbed this thing???

Hueco in 11 days!!!!!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another from the Castle

Went out to Castle Rocks yesterday to try and finish off an old Jerry Roberts classic, Apes on Acid 13d. I was able to complete the route first go and began scoping out other route possibilities. The wall just right of Apes is an incredible blank (ish) golden face. Luis Rodriguez began bolting the top of the route when the question arose if it was even possible. I'm not 100% sure it will go either, but i'm psyched to head out there soon, finish the bolting job, and give it some efforts!

Screen shot of Apes on Acid


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Castle Rock Trail Day

Today I decided to attend the Castle Rock's Trail Day near Jasper, Tn. This is my second year in a row participating in the trail day and though this year's attendance was lower than the last, we had a very productive day. Luis Rodriguez, owner of The Tennessee Bouldering Authority, organized the event and was there doing work re-bolting classic lines on the Predator wall.

Big thanks to the Atlanta Rocks team who also showed up to help out. They held it down, and did work picking up trash on the trail in and the tops of the cliff. The rest of us including, Kasia Pietras, Rami Annab, Aj Hanson, and Anna Fox trudged from one end of the cliff to the next picking up remnants of good times fallen from the top.

Billy re-bolting Copperhead

Luckily enough the area is super well kept, and the days work shortly turned into a fun filled climbing day. I got to climb super classics such as Predator 12b, Copperhead 13a, and gave a couple good efforts on Apes on Acid 13d/14a. Afterwards we did a quick raffle and dished out some free swag!

Kasia's got the swag!

Big Thanks again to all who showed up. Events like this are crucial to keeping our climbing areas pristine and I strongly urge more climbers to get involved whenever they can.

More shots from the day:

Aj chillin


Gettin psyched up!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Day at Dayton

Yesterday Brion, Rami, and I went out to Dayton Pocket to try our luck on a couple cool boulders. The day was quite eventful as Rami climbed Lord of the Dance v11, Brion was able to snag the second ascent of Foundation v11, and Brion and I both started trying a new project on the Western Gold bloc.


At first glance the project looked quite doable. The first move is relatively simple to a lone pocket in the middle of the wall. After this you have to make a MASSIVE throw right hand to a small sloping edge, fighting gravity as it rips you back down the hill. The move itself seems to be the hardest single move I've ever encountered. When I think of hard one move problems such as Tall Tee, this one definitely seems to be a step above. I made a few decent efforts at the move, with my best goes being grabbing the crimp, yet I am unsure if I am anywhere near sticking it. Time will tell, and i'm psyched to head back!

On another note, I just recently purchased a Canon t3i!! This thing is definitely the nicest camera I have ever owned, and i'm psyched that It not only shoots video but pictures as well. Still got a lot to learn, but i'm psyched to get it started and see what I can come up with!

Here's a vid I shot yesterday of Brion climbing Foundation. Unfortunately the SD card I had was only a class 6, so I had to shoot in 640 rather than its 1920 capabilities. Oh well, quality will only get better!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Times at the Obed

The past few weekends friends and I have spent our time at the Lilly Boulders in the Obed Wild and Scenic River. It's been quite perfect really. Everyone has had amazing projects to try, and the weather at Lilly is much more pleasant than Chattown in the early fall. I personally have been psyched on two specific boulders, Chinese Arithmetic and a project on the recluse roof. Both of these problems are incredible, and if I can complete them they will be two of the hardest problems I've ever climbed. Meanwhile I am staring at 4 splits, and these next few days are going to spent healing up in hopes I can make it back to Lilly early next week.
The season is closing in here in the south and I couldn't be more ready for it!!!

Here's a short vid from our time spent in the boulders.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Barn Door 2000 FA

The last two days I have spent my time trying two very very good projects located at Little Rock City, Tn. Day one i focused on the slab project that Brion and I have been trying on and off for like 3 years. I was able to complete the problem totally out of the blue for the FA naming it Team 87. For the grade, I am not 100% sure, but since my hardest slab prior to Team 87 was Odyssey V9, I figured V10 sounds appropriate. Later on that day I focused my attention on the looooong standing Barn Door 2000 project. I gave it many close attempts, but in the end I left empty handed. Today though, was different. I went back out there with the single focus of finishing it off, and I did! On my 3rd attempt of the day, with slightly different beta, I stuck the high edge and topped out. Very psyched to have this problem completed!

Here's a clip of the Barn Door 2000 FA


Monday, October 17, 2011

The Old is New

This weekend a few friends and I ( Rami Annab, Kasia Pietras & Taylor Mcneill) took a trip to a couple old areas that I haven't visited in years. Beautiful, remote granite boulders nestled in the thick green foliage of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

I first visited these areas 6 years ago and haven't returned in 4. Needless to say I was psyched for another peek. What I recalled most about the area was that the boulders were granite, unlike the majority of rocks that litter the southeast. Also, i remembered the boulders being relatively blank. Little to no features, no jugs, and small crimps. A recipe for hard boulders, yea? Saturday morn we woke up early and drove 45 minutes to the 'roadside bloc' that hosts a single amazing project on a perfect 40 degree overhang. This boulder was strange and quite difficult. Essentially the boulder consists of a hard v9 bottom, to a v9 or v10 dyno at the finish. Temps were not the best that day but I was lucky enough to snag the FA dubbing the line Bushido V11.

Bushido V11

After this we were all psyched to take the 15 minute hike up the mountain to the next cluster. This area I remembered well, and I knew there were at least 2 nice projects waiting to be climbed. One of which being a simulator of LRC's slab testpiece Space. I got the rope out, rapped down the thing and started cleaning. Rami got out his assortment of brushes and started scrubbing as well. 30 minutes later we had the problem prepped and ready and only 15 more minutes after that the boulder was climbed for its 1st and 2nd ascents. Spaced and Dissonant V6 is her name.

While all this was going on Taylor was over at the other project basically mowing grass off the top. He eventually got it cleaned up nicely, and we were able to climb the problem. I called this one Spitting Cobra V8, and though it's a small(ish) problem, it packs a powerful punch!

Overall the smokies exploration was a success, and I am very confident that this area holds more amazing projects to be climbed.

Me (4 years ago) on a project in the Smokies

Needs some cleaning

Big butt looking boulder up the road

Sunday we all decided to head out to the Lilly Boulders and spend the day trying some new boulders and getting in some mileage. 77 was the high so we were a bit skeptical at first but the day proved to be decent. I was able to complete all the moves but one on Chinese Arithmetic V13, while Rami and Taylor both put in super efforts of Testify V12. I was also fortunate enough to discover a brand new project on the Recluse roof! I am so psyched on this thing, and I am positive that once it is completed it will be somewhere in the v14/15 range. Can't wait for the cold weather!!

Here's a short video from the weekend.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

'A Fine Line' Premier in Atlanta, Ga

So tonight is the first premier of Andrew Kornylaks ' A Fine Line'. If you happen to be in Atlanta, or you have the chance to go check it out I highly recommend it! Andrew and Josh Fowler did an amazing job with this thing, and i'm proud to have been a part of it!!

Also for those of you who are attending the Stone Fort (LRC) competition this weekend be sure to stick around after the comp for the second major viewing of 'A Fine Line'. The movie will be premiered on the 18th fairway right next to the boulders! Gonna be sick!

Here's some beta to get you to tonights viewing!

Thursday, October 6 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Patagonia Atlanta - 34 East Andrews Drive, Atlanta GA 30305

Additional Info:
Admission is FREE!

Come and hang out at Patagonia Atlanta with an awesome crew of people and see the premiere of "A Fine Line." Presented by Dead Point Media. Directed by Andrew Kornylak and Josh Fowler.

Fore More info:

A new full-length film from directors Andrew Kornylak and Josh Fowler for Dead Point Media, A Fine Line follows one season with some of the world's most visionary boulderers as they pursue the best - and worst - rock in America, from Alpine Colorado to remote Idaho and the Deep South.

Featuring Jimmy Webb, Brion Voges, Dave Graham, Daniel Woods, Peter Beal, and other top climbers, A Fine Line is a beautiful visual
meditation on the bouldering life.



Lowepro will be giving away a FREE video bag when you purchase the HD version of the film at
the event!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Triple Crown: Hound Ears, Nc

Last weekend was the first stop of the annual triple crown bouldering competition held at Hound Ears, Nc. Though I decided not to compete in the comp this year, i happily made the trek through those windy roads to plant myself deep in the Appalachian mountains for a weekend filled with amazing weather, good friends, and an abnormally relaxing comp scene.

This year Voges & I decided to dub the hound ears comp day 'project day' as we set out into the field taking a glance at a couple beautiful undone lines. Luckily for us we ran across a couple pieces of rock that suited our fancy. First on the list was a project on the three bears boulder. Voges was able to climb the line for the first ascent, and i followed close behind with the second of 'Subject to Change' v11. Afterwards we were directed to a project down the hill by triple crown organizer Jim Horton. We turned the corner, dropped our jaws, said fuck yea, and began cleaning vigorously! 2 hours later, and about 6 days of skin in the hole I made the FA of the line dubbing it 'Projections' V12 ( likely the hardest bloc in the field ). Brion obviously followed close behind for the second!

Here's a vid of our day plus Brion climbing the famous litz problem 'Kratos' V12.

Congratulations to all the competitors who competed last weekend, and congrats to all the peeps that had a killer time!

Check here for the full results of the comp.

This weekend is going to be the 2nd stop of the series at Stone Fort. I'm planning on climbing in the following 2 competitions, and although i just caught some sickness going around and it's going to be 80 degrees saturday, i'm looking forward to the weekend!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Fine Line: Official Trailer

So here's the trailer to a full length vid shot by Andrew Kornylak called ' A Fine Line'. I was lucky enough to have a huge involvement in the flick and i am very pleased with what Andrew has come up with! This one hosts some great climbing footage shot from all over the U.S. Including some Alpine areas in Co, Castle Rocks Idaho, and of course.. THE SOUTH !! It should be available for purchase on in the month of October. So get psyched !!!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Video: Daniel Woods climbs Chinese Arithmetic V13

As i'm sitting around the house trying to stay motivated, patiently waiting for the up & coming season, I always find myself checkin out sick videos from the past. Tonight i've stumbled back upon a very cool video made by Spencer Victory of Daniel Woods climbing two rarely repeated Litz lines at the Obed in Tennessee. Most impressive of the two being the 2nd ascent of Chinese Arithmetic V13. I've grown up climbing around the South and this line is by far the hardest established boulder i've seen. Can't wait for the season to kick in, and my journeys take me back to the place i started climbing to try my luck on this one.

Check it!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back in the Nooga/ Colorado Vid

Well, the CO trip is over, and i'm back in Chattanooga chillin in the heat. Just finished my first TBA "get back in shape" session, and it was humbling to say the least... Psyched on whats to come though! I see lots of route climbing in my future, training for Hueco in early January, and the incredible FONT in february!!!

Got some ideas to shoot another "Summer Sessions" video of some southern bouldering/ sport climbing so keep an eye out for that. Until then, here's a quick clip i through together of some bouldering in Colorado.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Quick Vid from Cam

The other day Dave, Daniel, Hugh and I we're just perusing through the Talus field between Upper Chaos and Super Chaos and ran across a pretty neat little diamond shaped roof. We cleaned er up a little bit, tried some moves, and figured out a powerful method that made the boulder a bit easier than we originally suspected. I was able to snag the FA calling it Whoopie V9, and Daniel followed quickly after. Check out the cool vid Cam so graciously edited!

Whoopie w/ Jim Webb & Dan Woods from cameron maier on Vimeo.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Lincoln Lake Video

Here's a cool clip of Brian A and I climbing some rocks up at Lincoln Lake. Courtesy of BEAR CAM !!!

Jimmy Webb and Brian Antheunisse tear da lake up from cameron maier on Vimeo.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Climbing in Colorado

So it's been about three weeks since I arrived in Co, and the times have been pretty good! I've been living here in Boulder with good friends Dave G and Diego Montull. Dave has been kind enough to allow me to stay at his crib FO FREE !! Which is always baller. Most of my time has been spent in the beautiful remote areas of Mt. Evans. Though upon my arrival I was able to check out the new hot spot Endo Valley, located at a lower sector of Rocky Mountain National Park. Words can't fully explain how amazing these areas are here. I have to say Lincoln Lake is just the shit. The scenery is breathtaking, the boulders are amazing, and the 'scene' is mostly quiet and peaceful. Everything you look for in a climbing area !

The past 2 weeks i've spent the majority of my time up at Lincoln. Trying to repeat all the amazing problems Dave and Daniel established last season. So far things have gone well, and i've been able to tick away a few very nice problems. Here's a small SPRAY list for ya ( every single one of these problems come HIGHLY recommended )

-Endo Valley-
Flux for Life v13
Dave's Problem V10
Glow in the Dark Estrellas V11
Extra Alienated V9 (flash)

-Lincoln Lake & Area A-
Phobos V10 (flash)
Honey Badger V11 (flash)
The Exfoliator V12
Tattooed Teardrops V12 (flash)
Evil Backwards V13
Death Trout V13
Vanilla Sky V13
We Can Build You V14
Big Worm V14

Just 4 days ago I was up at Area A and I was trying what might be one of the hardest problems EVER for me.. Ode to the Modern Man. It basically revolves around 3 hard moves, climbing on some of the smallest holds i've ever seen. I surprised myself this year by nearly nabbing an ascent. Though on one of my final attempts I split my pinkie pretty deep, and haven't been able to heal it up since. With 8 days left on my trip i'm super nervous that my skin will not be ready for another round before i leave..... we shall see!

Other than that my next 8 days will be mainly spent at lincoln lake. Really psyched to try a few more problems such as Little House on the Prairie, Warrior Up, To your scattered bodies go, and Let the right one in. Lets hope my skin holds up!!!

Be sure to check where all my psyche be comin from !!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another CO summer

Welp, it's that time of year again. In just 2 days i'll be on a plane heading towards the rockies where I am going to be spending the whole summer livin, sk8n, and climbin in the mountains !! I have a nice little spot hooked up courtesy of the Mr. Chadwick Greedy. So the livin sitch is gonna be perty dank! Goals for the summer are to skate alot, climb alot, and hopefully send a few sick boulders. Specifically all the new problems put up last year in Wolverine Land. Also on the tail end of the trip i'll be makin my way out to SLC for the tradeshow comp. Hopefully I can do decent this year and make it into tha billz !!!! Updates will be plenty !!


Friday, May 6, 2011

La Sportiva Pythons

So, two days ago I got the brand spankin new La Sportiva Pythons sent to my front door. The hype behind this shoe has been gradually building for the past year or so, and when I heard they were on their way I was ecstatic!! So, what i'm wanting to do now is provide a small review and insight into what I think about this new shoe. Hope someone finds this useful!


The new python is similar in look to the Classic Cobras, but a BIG upgrade when it comes to the overall shoe. A couple up & ups I noticed is the cross band construction under the sole, which keeps the shoe in a permanently down-turned position, the extra rubber on the front of the shoe for extreme toe hooks, a single velcro strap at the top for extra snugness, and stiffer rubber under the toe that is sensitive on small feet, but not flimsy. The python being a bit softer than the solution, makes for a much more comfortable shoe, but still gives you that edge you need when you're trying hard climbs. Rather it's smearing, edging, or toeing in on the roofs the python seems to do it all!


I ordered my pythons in a size 40 1/2 ( same as my solutions) but after breaking them outa the box and being able to basically just slip em on, i think it would be best next time to go a half size down.


How are these things on the wall? .. AMAZING! I've honestly never busted out a brand new pair of kicks and just went almost straight into projecting with little to no break in time. I did a nice juggy warm up a few times and noticed that i had good feeling in what i was stepping on, precision in the toe, and comfort in my heel. These things stick to your feet like glue. For me, i've never put on a pair of shoes that suction to my foot the way the Pythons do. It's like putting your toe's into a snug yet comfortable solution, and slipping your heel into a testarossa. It's perfect.

The pythons all in all were built mainly for competition climbing. Sportiva wanted to build the perfect shoe to match the competitors needs. A high performance climbing shoe that can basically do it all (and it does). Now this is not to say that it is just for indoor climbing. The shoe outside climbs just as well, and is an easy on easy off, comfortable solution to your climbing needs! Also, if it's money your worried about these things are cheaper than your average sportiva, sittin at $130 rather than $155.

So go check em out!! I highly recommend!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Red River Gorge / Obed

This weekend Kasia, Aj, and I took a trip up to the Red River Gorge (despite the weather looking like complete trash) We spent 2 days at the Red, before deciding the weather was just not worth the stay, and we bailed to the Obed for a day of better weather.

For our two days at the red we spent both of them at Bob Marley. On our first day I was able to climb No Redemption 13b on my 2nd attempt, while kasia and Aj worked out the beta on Dogleg 12a/13a.

Then on the 2nd day Kasia was able to piece together Dogleg ( one of the sickest things i've ever seen her climb ) while Aj got agonizingly close. Also I was able to climb a really nice one called Ultra Perm 13c.

At the Obed we took a hike out to South Clear and basically climbed in the Stephen King Library the whole day. Kasia climbed the shinning 12b, I climbed maximum overdrive 13a, misery 13b, solstice 12a, and a few others. Overall pretty good day! We all got ultra pumped and basically saw it as a day of endurance training.

Most of my climbing career has been geared towards climbing boulders, so for the next month while I'm in the south i'm gonna be gettin at the routes! Psyched to go out and try the ol' SOCO on thursday!!!!!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back in the NOOG

So i arrived home last night and went straight to my favorite restaurant ( TERMINAL !! ) Psyched to be home for a few weeks before i'm back on the road. Got some big plans coming up involving The ISLAND crew ( Chadwick Greedy, Nate Bancroft & Dave G ) we're traveling to Norway for 1 month searching, developing, and climbing some of the best boulders the world has to offer. I am psyched to say the least !! Our homie Nate Bancroft, who made Reach, will be filming the entire trip so you can expect a sick vid coming from all that ! If you haven't heard already, keep your eye out for the ISLAND. We got volume vids being edited as we speak... and they. are. sick.

For now here is a cool clip Cardeck edited of Dave & I climbing at Red Feather Lakes, CO.

And another nice video by Nalle featuring some of what Norway has to offer.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Burnout V12 video

Here's a cool clip Jon Cardwell put together of Dave and I climbing one of the best v12's CO has to offer. From my first look at the boulder, i knew it was my style, and instantly I saw it as a prime candidate for a flash attempt. I got the beta spray, sat down, chalked up, and climbed it to the top. Pretty psyched!!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Kasia in the Obed

Kasia & AJ took a trip down to the Obed last weekend to sample some of the nicest stone in the south. From what i've heard the weather was great and they had a great time! Here's a clip!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kasia in crush mode

While i'm here in Idaho, i've been checkin in on my girl. She's been hanging out in Chatty, but not just sitting around! Here's a vid of her finishing off one of her long term projects, Bedwetters v9/10.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just right Low, Flagstaff MTN

Here's a quick video that Peter Beal put together of me making a rare ascent of Just right (low) V11, and Peter Climbing the V10 to the right. Thanks Peter!

More to come soon!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

2 from Boulder Canyon

Well today was my last day here in Colorado. Tomorrow I am heading home to chattanooga. Time to step it up on the training game, get stronger, and return to CO ASAP!

Here's a clip I threw together of a couple problems I was able to climb in Boulder Canyon. Thanks to John Gass for the filming!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fantasia Video

So here's a cool clip my buddy John Gass threw together of me climbing the 2nd ascent of Daniel Woods Fantasia, v14.
This climb is ultra mega.. and the setting, the movement, and overall value of this bloc speaks for itself. Simply an incredible boulder problem!

Thanks John!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shades crest bouldering 2011

So, I just got word in from Adam Henry that this coming weekend will be the 2011 Shades Crest Bouldering Competition. I attended this event last year, and it was for sure a sick time. Amazing problems, chill environment, and brews all round. Wish I could be there this year!

For those of you who choose to attend ( which you should ) I hope you Enjoi

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New 8a in Dayton

Location: Dayton Pocket

Crew: Hugh Huffaker, Rami Annab, Aj Hanson, Andrew Kornylak, Brion Voges

Goal: Roof project on the river, just past western gold.

Today was a sick day, as we got to climb on a very cool roof project at Dayton. At first glance this problem looked reeeally hard. The crux moves revolved around awkward movements on slopey crimps, hanging off a good heel like it's your job, deadpointing to a small 3 finger pocket, and making a large toss to a 2 pad jug. Once crucial beta was refined and the subtleties were figured out, I was able to climb the boulder for its First Ascent. For those of you looking for a new hard boulder to get the psyche up, this one should be close to the top of your list!

Problem completed: Foundation, v11


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back to the Obed

So this saturday & sunday we decided to head back to the Obed, Tn. I had heard of a really cool boulder at the Canoe Hole called Manic Aggression (v11) that James Litz fa'd some years ago. What's most notable about this awesome line is that there is a 10-12 move v11 low start beginning in the very back of the roof. I was told that James attempted to link this problem, but never returned to do so. So with this new info, i got psyched! On saturday I was able to Flash the stand start, and began working on the low immediately. I sussed out the low moves quick, gave it 3 efforts from the bottom, and decided to come back on sunday. Then on sunday on my 2nd go from the start i found myself at the stand start crux.. a toss from a small left hand edge to a nice jug edge for the right.. as i latched onto the hold, disaster struck! My 4 finger bucket turned to 3 real quick leaving me exposed and all of my weight on my bad tendon. A shot of pain ran up my forearm and I hit the ground........ "is it fucked?!" I sat down and examined it and quickly realized I had tweaked it a good bit... I called it quits, ran down to the river, and iced my finger for 20 minutes. After this we decided to roll over to Lilly Boulders to meet up with Brion Voges & Nate Draughn. Unfortunately for them though the rocks were soaking wet from condensation. So, we decided to head back over to the Canoe Hole so they could all get a session in on Manic. Then crazy enough we got to the roof and it was starting to condensate! The boys quickly got to work while i tested my tendon out on every hold i could see... "not too painful", "A little awkward on that one", "Fuck it, i'll try the stand and see if it hurts!" Little to my surprise, no pain! So i completed the stand for a second time and sat around for 30 minutes. Time crept on and the holds were starting to just get too wet to climb on. So right then I decided to give it just one ditch effort. I made it through the low crux, got half way through the upper problem and found myself staring down the hold that hurt my finger.. "Hit it with four, hit it with four.." I jumped and latched on hard, swung out, and found myself still on! I then collected myself and embarked on the 10 move v7/8 finish. Pumped as shit.. I finished it out for the First Ascent of Manic Euphoria, V13. I couldn't be happier!!

Here is a clip i threw together of a couple problems at the Canoe Hole. Splatter v9, and Manic Euphoria. I wasn't able to get the send footage of Manic due to it being quite random. So I did some moves for vid and pieced it together.

Hope you Enjoi,

Monday, January 24, 2011

2 Days in the Obed Wild & Scenic Forest

This saturday & sunday Kasia, Rami and myself took a trip down to the Lilly Boulders to climb on the classics, and help shoot some photos for the up and coming guidebook by Kelly Brown. 1st day we climbed on classics, and tried a few harder boulders. I was able to climb an old project of mine Recluse v11, and got super close to climbing the 2nd ascent of James Litz' Tilted World v13 before I ripped a flapper and had to call it quits. On our 2nd day we hiked to a newer boulder field to try a really cool roof Bosley put up called Shattered Mines V10, and search for new problems. Due to the lack of time we didn't get to search around as much as i would've liked, but on the upside I did manage a flash of Shattered Mines. After this we took the hike back to the cars and went over to Lilly Boulders. We warmed up a bit more and Rami climbed the classic Mojo v9, and we hiked back down to Tilted World. I felt super tired, the flapper felt like utter shit, and a send in my mind was very unlikely. With no expectations set in, i decided to try hard and see what happens. If anything we would still have some nice shots courtesy of Mark Large. Then surprisingly on my 4th attempt from the ground i found myself at the finish! I was very psyched to climb this one, and I have to say it's one of the best of the grade, and definitely the best in the Obed.

Here's a vid I threw together, and a couple shots from Mark Large.

Rami on Mojo

Shattered Mines

Rami on Shattered Mines

Kasia on Whirlpool v8

Tilted World

Lilly Boulders 2011 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

8 days in the AR

Welp, got vimeo working! Hope yall enjoi.

8 days in the AR from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Arkansas Recap

So i am now back in the Nooga from our 8 day adventure in the Ozark Mtns. Our time there was absolutely amazing. Brad, Rami, Nate and I hung out all week climbing classics, trying projects, and enjoying some basketball. I've definitely fallen in love with the lifestyle we lead there.... basically everyday we sleep in till 10, go climbing, come back to the barn and eat, shoot some baskets, and watch some movies. It's simply fantastic. Everyone climbed very well, and we all sent some amazing problems. I have quite a bit of footage compiled from the trip so expect a nice little vid to pop up here shortly ! Also, my finger is getting ALOT better ! My first couple of days it felt decent, then on the 3rd day i was able to climb relatively hard problems with little to no pain.... with the exception of pockets and small crimpers of course. Either way, i am psyched. Cannot wait to be 100% in the GAME !!!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not much

So it has been 40 days since i popped my tendon, and it's hard to tell if it's really getting any better. I've done everything in the book to promote healing, and have been pretty damn religious about it...... but no silver lining to the dark cloud just yet..
This weekend though I shall be traveling with some doods up to Arkansas to climb a little and relax on the ranch! There are a couple problems I would be psyched to climb on, and Im pretty amped to explore the woods a little. Other than that i'll be filming the whole trip, so there will be a few vids up for ya once I return !

Hope yall are climbing well this season,