Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Three from Colorado

Aight .. so here's a quick clip Nate Drolet through up of a few of his favorites from our Colorado summer ! They Include: Riverside problem vfuckingfun, Unshackled V10, and Whispers of Wisdom, V10 ...

Colorado Boulders from Nathan Drolet on Vimeo.

As for me, i am back in Chattanooga chilling, resting, skating, and just finished upgrading my comcast contract so i can watch the final games of the 2010 World Cup !!
Prediction ? I think Germany could take it ... Just say'n.

Action over the next couple months is gonna be slim around here .. im pretty wrecked from the trip, and my finger is still feeling pretty fucked .. so training won't commense for atleast another couple weeks .. and that's alright.

Until next time, i'll be basking in the sweltering summer heat ... and lov'n every minute . Damn good to be home !!