Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Colorado Love

Aight so i've been in Colorado now for a little over 2 weeks, and things thus far have been incredible.
I've set up shop in Denver with my good buddy John Gass(Chattown OG). Been skateboarding TONS at a sick local park just down the street. Always syked!!! Also got some new kicks yesterday. BLAM!!

So, life for me and John is basically revolved around 2 days of climbing and 1 rest day. (rinse and repeat)
We've made our way through some badass spots, cleaning house wherever we go. Johns been climbing super well! Having already smashed a few v9s , v8s, etc etc.. I have also sent a few a cool lines that i got owned on last season including: Clear Blue skies, Wildcat, Ground Control, and some others.. and since its getting quite hot out at Mt. Evans i see us spending alot of time up at the RMNP. STOKED!
Also been getting quite a bit of footage, but have had little to no time to update.
So here's the first vid from the trip so far.
Check out my Vimeo account for the next 2. They're taking a while to upload. so i can't update them to the blog just yet.

Colorado 1 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gone Skateboarding

So recently i've started skateboarding again. Chaz bought himself a board, and ryan is syked.
Tonight we decided to do a little street skating. Started off in our pkng lot. went down to a church.. which we got cornered by some dude and his bible... you can just figure the rest....
After we broke from the vortex we found a nice spot with a bank, and a loading dock. Got kicked out. then waltzed up to this 4 set and screwed around. I ended up throwing down and ollied over the handrail.
I still got it!!! and stoked to get back in the game!

Here's a small clip. the first of MANY to come.


Skateboarding 1 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Unshackled the Movie

So here's a clip of me sending this cool route in alabama called Unshackled the Movie.
Tried it one day a few times with luis, and came back a couple weeks later and fired it first try. Luis sent right after.
Sick route!


Unshackled the Movie from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Rock

Man, i've been living in chattanooga now for almost 2 years now.. and have been climbing in the area for the past 6. and it seems like every other month im hearing of new areas, old areas, possibilities, etc etc. Its amazing to think how much rock is in and around chattanooga. and how much rock is still out there just waiting to be developed. stoked!!

So while we're on the subject. Me, Luis, and Kasia made our way out to a cool area today with some fun and interesting stone.
Me, being sore as SHIT from the past weeks training, was only able to get in a couple easier routes.. but I had a great time belaying, and watching Luis, and kasia tear it up.

Here's some shots of Luis sending an unknown 12d up the main buttress.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Jersey/Gunks

Aight so kasia and I arrived back in chatty yesterday evening from our 5 day trip to New Jersey for the Gravity Brawl.
The trip was really nice, the competition was fun..although I didn't perform as well as i wanted to in finals i still enjoyed the experience. The NE2C ALWAYS throws down the best comps with the sickest scene. PROPS>
The problems in finals were stellar, most fit my style pretty well.. but all in all it came down to wether or not i did problem number 2.. which i didnt. i was really close, but on my final attempt i stuck what i thought to be the crux move.. got my left foot high and as i was going for the finishing jug my left hand greased out... bummer. Time was called and i finished the comp strong, flashing problem 3 and meeting high point on 4. The comp was super close, and im syked for the trade show comp coming up in around a month or so.. hopefully the problems will be a bit harder, and the field will become a little more spread out.

Aight, so with the comp scratched me, kasia, Issabel, Kevin, and Lesley ladladd spent the next day stomping around NYC. We hiked out to central park, saw some boulders, climbed a little. and then decided to pack it up and take the hour or so drive out to New Paltz and check out the Gunks. We got there around 5ish and got syked to go up and check out some of the blocs for a small sesh.. We started off at the Buddah boulder, where everyone warmed up. then me and Kevin started trying a problem above called The Crouching Dragon, 8a. I was able to dispatch on my 3rd attempt, while kevin continued to tick off the stand start,7c.
After this we chilled out, rented a hotel, got some grub, etc etc

The next day was a FULL day, to say the least. Started off warming up in the Welcome area. I was syked to try and flash the classic Karajo, 8a. Which i was soo close to doing. Sending on my 2nd attempt.. and the girls were scoping the stand start A new pair of Glasses, 7a+. Which they all sent.
After this we took the hike to Venus in Scorpio.. a super classic 7c+/8a. Which i was able to dispatch rather quickly. I would just like to say that i LOVED this problem.. one of the best i have climbed for the grade. a must do in the Gunks. hands down.
So then we rolled back to the Buddah bloc were the girls made progress on the buddah, 7a+ but there were no sends.
Then me and kevin threw our selves at a party trick v10 called freak. I was able to send, while almost snapping my spine.
After this we just started to trudge back towards karajo.. stopping at every other bloc we saw to try and climb some classics and what not. With our last stop being back in the Karajo area where we all threw ourselves at a cool 7b+ called Jackson Pollak. Me and Kevin sent quickly and left the rest of the sesh up to the girls. They were all SUPER close to sending.. linking move after move.. but in the end it was kasia coming through with the ninja beta. Sickness indeed.
Unfortuantely no vids from the trip.. but i can now confidently tell you that the Gunks are more then worth the trip. :)