Monday, October 26, 2009


Today me, kasia, and Voges made our way out to LRC and met up with knoxtown cat Matthew Ayers. Me and B we're syked to try a few projects in the field. 1st being the Tthong proj. Now dubbed Tall Tee! This one involves a few easier moves( around v8 ) setting up into a VERY difficult move off a small left edge to a sloping lip. After that it ends on a casual, classic v6 to the top. Not sure where this one is gonna stand, but it will be tough. Hopefully it goes soon!
We then hiked out to The Power of Amida. A problem i did earlier this year, fresh from Hueco. Voges was syked to try it, and Matthew gave his best efforts to warm up on a v7... STOUT!
Not too much later Voges dispatched, and kasia got some footage. CLIP!
After this we hiked to another project located behind the mousetrap crack. This one is a beautiful slab with a fun and easy start to a very hard top section. Basically standing on shitty smears, thrutching to a slopey gastone, and then matching on another shitty gastone. After this, we have no clue.... Someone please open this one up. I am sceptical this one will even go ( for me ).
Then kasia gave Bedwetters some efforts, and got pretty close but no dice. NEXT TIME!
Then went to an old Andrew Gross problem we're calling AGR (Another Gross Route). Which starts on Jut Strut and hits the key gastone as a right handed side pull and shoots BIG straight up and left to a shitty sloper. Probably somewhere around v10, and VERY height dependent.
This season i am most syked on the new boulders. There are plenty of beautiful projects out there, and its about time some of them get the respect, time, and effort they deserve!


The Power of Amida V10 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

First nice day at the HP 40

So yesterday me, Kasia, Nate, Voges, and Joe beth trucked down to Hp 40. This would be my first HP trip in a little less then a year so I was stoked. Voges and I had our sights set on a couple hard, unrepeated boulders as well as a few projects.. We started off the day by Voges doing a cool Line called Odd Job. I was able to get some decent footage of the boulder before my camera died.. so i threw together a small clip. After this Kasia and Nate tried The Flow, unsuccessful.. Then we went down to Genetic to see if Voges or I had a 2nd ascent in us somewheres.. No dice, but close! Then we went over to Balrog. A nice cave line that climbs up between two boulders using the coolest sloping rail. We both were able to complete, and Voges went on to crush Hot N Tot.
We then hiked out to the Ten Pins area so Nate could try a couple classics he had his sights on, and kasia could try Ghetto Superstar. In the middle of all this i got syked on an old Jeff Whales project that does the first 3 moves of Ghetto and treads right on some slopers. I got close, and hit my face on the rock. Kasia CRUSHED Ghetto, and we were off to meet Voges and Joe Beth at the Stingray Proj. We worked out some beta on the line, and had a few near linkups into the start of stingray.. but with light fading, and a lack of skin we decided to call it. So we finished off the day watching kasia try slider some, and headed out for some burritos!
I was syked on the good weather, and hope there is more of it to come.


Odd Job V8 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Arkansas quick recap

So the 4 day trip to Arkansas was a blast! I must say, Arkansas is by far one of the best areas to go bouldering. With tons of classic areas, littered with a range of easy - difficult boulders.. any climber can have a good time. We got lucky with the weather, and all days where pretty cold, and sunny. I'd say the only downside to the whole trip was Voges ripping multiple flappers on the first day! But with syke and some solid effort he was still able to get shit done!


Day 1: We decided to go to Fontain Red and Fred's Cave. We warmed up on a couple moderates, and a nice v2 arete. Afterwards we hiked over to Fred's Cave where Voges and I were able send Buddy. Then Voges went on to send Chunk up the Deuce, in the sickest fashion. and i was able to complete One Inch Pinch.

Day 2: We went early out to a roadside area near 74. I tried Wood Grain Grippin, and surprisingly felt pretty close! I did all the moves, and linked the boulder in 2 parts. NEXT TIME! Then we headed back to the ranch, where kasia and nate sent a cool v8 arete called Numerical Methods.

Day 3: We hiked out to the Zone area, near HCR. After about 2 hrs of trudging through the woods Voges and I found the zone. We hiked back up the hill to our pads, and then back down to the boulders. We warmed up on some randoms, and we all were able to send a nice v7 roof. Afterwards we went over to the Zone where i was able to make quick work, while kasia and Nate tried a hard arete on the same boulder.

Day 4: We went back out to Fontain Red and Fred's Cave since its on the way home. Warmed up on the same blocs and Voges and I did a cool problem called Center Splooge. then we went back to Fred's where Voges crushed Fred's Cave 2nd go, and I was able to do Daniel's PCP traverse. Then we hiked back over to Fontain where we did some more moderates, and i was able to flash Broken Earth.

Can't wait to get back to the AR this December!!
Here's a couple clips from the trip


Arkansas 1 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Arkansas 2 2009 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

HCR Trip

So this weekend me, kasia, and Voges are planning a trip to the HCR in Jasper, Arkansas. Needless to say, i am syked!!
The last time Kasia and I were in the AR it was a very short trip.. and i wasn't able to get on half of the problems i had in mind.
This time around should be different. We're rolling out of chattown on friday, and arriving that night. Climbing saturday - tuesday afternoon. Basically syked on anything, but here is a small tic list i've put together for the trip.

Bloody Knuckles, v11
Antihero, v13
Tang, v10

-Fred's Cave-
One Inch Pinch, v12

-Sam's Throne-
King Lion, v12

Wood Grain Grippin, v14

In other news, Voges took me out to a cool area today to show me two problems Deliverance, V10. and Cannibus, V10.
I was syked, despite the heat.. and was able to send both.
Here's a vid.


Two from Chattown from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Girlz at Lrc

Last week our friend Isabelle Faus flew in from Chicago to attend to the hound ears comp. Prior to that we were able to take her out to Little Rock City for a small sesh.. She was able to dispatch many classic problems.. one of them being Grimace V7/8.
So i threw together a small clip of Isabelle sending Grimace, and Kasia sending Out of Africa a.k.a Face in the Crowd V7.

Girlz at Lrc from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hound Ears Weekend

So it was a great weekend in Boone, Nc! The weather was perfect and everyone was syked.
I got a lot of climbing in and barely finished 10 boulders.. At the end of the day i was trashed!
The next day we decided to head to Blowing Rock where I was able to climb a cool V10 called Flagyl.
Here's the vid.

Flagyl V10 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.