Sunday, January 31, 2010

TBA Bouldering Series

Aight so those of you may know about the up and coming TBA bouldering competition, but for those of you who dont.. here's the low down!!!

The "Triple Bouldering Bash" is going to be made up of 3 competitions over the next 3 months. First comp being this wednesday February 3rd, second being on March 3rd, and the third being on April 7th. Also there are gonna be cash purses at the third comp for the overall winners in each category!!

-Competition Format-
So theres gonna be 12 problems, and each hold is going to be worth a certain point value. Also your only gonna be allowed 10 tries per problem.. So make your efforts count!!!

Also be sure to bring some extra dough to purchase some raffle tickets! We're gonna have some sick ish to raffle off thanks to the comps sponsors, and we's gonna get rid of it all!!

Here is a list of the sponsors so far!

Hope you cats are syked on this shit! We're cleaning/setting the next few days, and its been a minute since ive sat down and set so these problems are guaranteed to be dope!!!!

Hope to see ya there!


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mega Man Second Ascent

So a few days ago we traveled out to alabama so Brion could try and complete the 2nd ascent of my problem Mega Man, V11. Which he did, in just a few tries. Also before that he managed a very casual flash of Hustle and Flow, V10! Very sick!
Earlier that day I was able to make the First Ascent of a very powerful stand start arete I called Chain Slang, V10. Brad and I had tried the arete a couple days prior and was basically getting shutdown. Coming back the weather was a bit nicer/drier, and I was able to hook it up in just a couple of goes! For a one move power bloc, i'd say this one isn't half bad!

Here's a video Nate Draughn threw together of our day there!

Chain Slang and Hustle & Flow(v10) from Nate Draughn on Vimeo.

And here is a quick clip of Brion's ascent of Mega Man

Mega Man V11 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Good stuff coming and going

So i just received word from our " Southern Legend" Adam Henry that there will be 2 very sick bouldering competitions coming up in the next couple months.

One comp being at Shades Crest boulder field "Moss Rock" in Hoover, Alabama. Held on February 27th.
And the 2nd comp is at HP40 on March 5-6th.

From what i can tell these shits are gonna be a blast!! With free lunch, pebble wrestl'n, and around 3,000 billz in cash prizes, everyone's gonna have a good time! So mark your calendars and tell your friends!!! Also be sure to check out two sites Adam has thrown together to keep you up to date on the comps!

Aight so on another note, the past few days i've been filming with Brad Weaver, and Brion Voges for an up and coming short produced by Brant Hawkins of Projekt Media. Though our timeframe was a bit short we we're able to get some quality lines for your viewing pleasure. Brion climbed The Law, v11, Brad climbed Lord of the Dance, v11, and I climbed Western Gold, V11. All three of these lines i think stand out in the south as some of the best in the country! So it will be nice to see these three put out for you to check out in that high quality, sickly edited, HD!!! Big thanks to Brant for shooting this thang, and I hope to work with him again in the very near future!

Be sure to check Brants site! Shit ain't no joke!!!

Aaaannnd on ANOTHER note! Us three went out on the creek the other day to scope out a sick undone crimp line. And in about an hour or so we walked away with Southern Slang V11. Brad made quick work on the FA, and Me and Voges followed close behind with the 2nd and 3rd ascents! Definately a dope time working out a project with these boys. I look forward to more of this in the future. So get used to it!!!!!!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

La Sportiva

So today was a beautiful, windy, and very much dry day here in the South! A crew of us five took off towards Alabama with high hopes and fresh skin. The Day over all was sick, BClev crushed a few v9's, and I was able to get the FA of a cool v8 I called 50 Words for Crazy. Brad, Nate Draughn, and Drolet also followed behind quickly with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ascents! BAWSE! Brad also went on to do Underworld, v10, Dog Laudnum v10, and Hustle and Flow, v10. GOOD DAY!!

And now, I would like to focus directly on a very strong athlete i have come to know more and more over the past few months.. La Sportiva Athlete Brad Weaver. Brad has been known in the climbing world as a very good route climber. With sick ascents of almost every hard route in the Red River Gorge, and a slew of others across the states! Many of us round here started to wonder if this kid could actually boulder hard? Or if he just had the ability to hold on to jugs for 2 hours? Ha. Well, over the past few months i would like to say this kid can pull hard!! Almost every time i hear the kids going out, he's sending something! Recently, brad has made quick ascents of classics like The Shield v12, The Chattanoogan V12, Testify V12, The anti-hero V12, One Inch Pinch, V12 and the list goes on, and on. This being his first season he's dedicated to bouldering, who knows whats to come outa this kid?!! Also, be sure to check out homies blog!!

Also to add to my rambling.. some of you may know i am now an official La Sportiva athlete! I have to say this has always been a dream of mine. La Sportiva DEFINATELY makes the best shoes on the market, and i've always been a huge fan! My first kicks i ordered were the Muira VS, and the Speedsters! The Muira VS are easily my favorite shoe at the moment. With a high performance toe box and a suction cup heel, this shoe fits me like a glove!! And though i haven't had the chance to break in the Speedsters, i feel as if this one will be my favorite. Like its older brother the mantras, i LOVE slip ons!!!!

Aight enough of this shit, here's a clip of Brad's day in the woods!!



La Sportiva athlete Brad Weaver from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Holy Video

As promised, here is a small clip from our time in Southern Illinois!


Untitled from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SO ILL Recap

What up,

So we're back fromour weekend in Southern Illinois.. Not much eventful went down, except for the rain. Friday we hiked up to the Holy Boulders to find a few dry lines, and a few decently dry lines. We all said fuck it and started throwing ourselves at this v9 called Trillium. I was somehow able to come away with a send. Dunno how..
Next day was much nicer! The sun was a out and it was a little warmer. We quickly warmed up and Voges ran up Trillium. Then we moved on to Michael Jordan V11. This line takes on a proud 15 ft bloc up amazing slopers, and finishes on a large crimp move to the lip. We all gave it some sick efforts and in the end i was able to hook it up! Voges also came VERY close, falling off the mantel! SCARY! After this Brad and Voges was syked on trying the New Zero, so Nate and I ran over to this cool problem called Worm's Way, v9. I was able to send, and nate made some nice headway, doing all the moves!
Day 3 was basically BLAH. We hiked up again to the Holy's and it was HAAAWWWTT!!! Me and Kasia did this v6 thing. Dunno what its called. And then i flailed some on a couple problems baking in the sun.

Aight so here's a video of today. Voges and I hiked out to Cumberland to get on Bosley's new addition to the seven eleven roof, "Big Gulp" v11. Finding it wet was a bit unmotivating but we's too fuckin syked!!! We both crushed quickly and I got some vid of Voges. SO ILL vid soon!


Big Gulp from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some syke!

Being sick today has given me a lot of time to do some web surfin!! So for you entertainment pleasure here are a few choice vids of Southern Illinois to get you syked!

Video 1 is from Jon Glassbergs massive collection! This one includes Brion Voges doing Shadow of a Man, V5. Nate doing Jungle Book, V8. and Jon G crushing the 4th ascent of The New Zero, V13. Be sure to check Jon and Nate Draughns blog for up to date climbing and crazy antics!

The Holy Boulders in Southern Illinois from Jon Glassberg on Vimeo.

Video 2 is of Jason Kehl doing the first ascent of Year of the Renegade, v12. Also check out Jason's site at . Shit's dope!!

Year of the Renegade from Cryptochild on Vimeo.

and Video 3, 4, and 5 are some So iLL oldies!! Includes just a bunch of good shit!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I DID THE MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yup! Today i did "the move" on Tall Tee first try! So syked! Immediately following this I started making ground up attempts. I had a few goes where i thought i was going to send, but no dice... NEXT TIME!!!!
The day then went on well with some strong sends!
Brad Weaver finished off Power of Amida, V10
Senya cruised up Biggie Extention, V12
I was able to do Bert (biggie extention reverse traverse) v11 and made some sick improvement on the Barn Door Project!

On another note we're heading to So ILL this weekend in hopes of some good weather.
High on the list of things to do are Year of the Renegade, v12, Michael Jordan V12, Ring of Fire v10, Recluse v9/10, and the Seam Project.

Until then,

Monday, January 11, 2010

Fire in the Mountains

Lack of updates i know. So here i am now with two new vids. One you may have already seen, and one i put together 5 minutes ago.

1st vid is of our day at hp40 last week. Includes Ben Tsui climbing a classic v3, the orca. And Voges cruising the 2nd ascent of Matchmaker, v11.

2nd vid is of today at rocktown. Includes Nate crushing Speculum V9. And me on the FA of Fire in the Mountains, v12.

So, today at rocktown. Starting off the day i felt weak and tired from this past weekends comp in GVILLE. Which was a success! I took first in open men, and Kasia took 2nd behind our good friend Kate Reese. Chaz also was able to take third in Advanced.. therefore our total cash purse for the ride home was 1600 billz and some free sportivas!!

But yea today was nice. A little cold, and warming up seemed a bit difficult... as usual. After warming up Voges and I spotted a one move sitsart to the Orb Area mantle. Starting on two holds spread out, and does the first move off a sketchy heel hook to the jug on the 6. We tried and tried and finally made the heel stay! We dubbed the new line Gumption, V10.
After this we were off to Speculum. Nate had worked out the moves last trip, and was determined on taking it down. Which he did. DUH! BOY IS STOUT!!!!
Then later on in the day we made our way to the Choctaw bloc. There was a project on this wall that i tried briefly last year. The problem starts same as choctaw sundial and goes straight up the face, linking over into the finishing moves on Choctaw. This problem may not be the BEST problem out there, but by far not the worst. With back to back crux moves, and bunchy feet this one packed a solid punch! Voges and I worked out some moves, and i started making some links! On what could have been my final try, i stuck the crux hold and literally fought my way to the top. I called this one Fire in the Mountains.. mainly because it resembles the fight it took to take it down. Im not quite sure on the grade.. I called it v12 but it could potentially be easier. I am in pain, and i split a tip, with tape on....

Until next time, Enjoi!

2 from HP from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Rocktown 2 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Recent Activity

So Nate and Rami's Trip is coming to an end. Last night Nate drove Rami to Atlanta to meet up with his ride back home to Raleigh, NC.. and today I took Nate out to a couple remote areas close by. Feeling trashed from days prior nate struggled to keep it together attempting Deliverance, V10. He easily sussed out all the moves, but was unable to finish..... .this time.

After this we hopped in the car and drove half a mile up the road to check out a project on the Lumberjack Bloc. Recently i must say i've been most syked on projects. There's hundreds of incredible problems here in the south, and just as many projects waiting to be done. With new problems around like The boss, Watch your back, and Jeremys new link up on the shield boulder we're all waiting for the big 8B to pop up. And to be honest it could happen any day now. We're all aware of the Tall Tee project at Little Rock City.. which is most definately in the 8B range. and now I have another project that i believe is sitting right there next to it. This project, similar to Tall Tee, revolves around 1 move. A full span throw from a half pad incut, and a three finger pocket to a terrible sloper. After this you finish up the arete on a very nice v8. I tried the problem repeatedly today and got SOO close.. but in the end i was bleeding out of 3 fingers. Bummed of course.. i walked away inspired and syked to return!

On another note Kasia and I are going to be driving to Gainesville, FL this weekend for a huge competition at the Gainesville Rock Gym. I believe there is a massive cash purse available for Mens and Womens divisions, so im hoping all my climbing recently will pay off!! It should be a real good time so wish me luck!

Aight so here are 2 vids for ya!

First one is the 2nd video from our Hueco trip.
Includes Voges sending Diabolique 8B.

And the other is from our last few days of climbing.
Includes Voges getting the 2nd ascents of Bread Loaf Factory Low, and The Boss.


Hueco 2 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

A Couple Southerners from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Day in Alabama

Today we all took off to Alabama. All syked from a couple days of rest it was destine to be a good day. I had my eyes set on "the room project" which i tried quite a bit last season. It involves sick moderate arete climbing to start, and a desperate high foot barn door slab to finish! Voges and I sat down and quickly got to work. We were both getting owned on the last moves, and a send seemed very unlikely.. I sat down discouraged and said the famous words.. "one more go." All of a sudden i had a renewed focus, and went up the boulder seemingly effortless! Finding myself at the top i basically flipped out. This was by far one of the best feelings i've had in a while, and was stupid syked to have finished it. Now she is called " The Boss" V11.
Meanwhile Nate grabbed 2 pads and ran down to Squeeze Box, v8 for a quick dispatch! Nice work!
On an earlier note, we started off the day with Rami sending Big Poppa V8. Then we strolled over to a supposed project, that involves a weird undercling match and finishes on a super tension move out left to a sidepull. We all gave it some efforts and tried figuring out the beta.. and in the end i was able to finish! Calling it Innovation, v9. This one is very good and MUCH harder than it looks. Nate should have vid up soon. So with it getting later we hiked back so Nate could try Bread Loaf Factory Low, v10. He had some sick goes, but no send. We're gonna head back out there tomorrow so he and Voges can have some redemption!

For now here is a clip that includes me on the FA of Bread Loaf Factory Low V10