Friday, February 26, 2010


Yesterday Voges and I ran out to Alabama so he could try and complete Skeletor. The thing spit him off for a while, but in the end he had the last laugh! This one being his complete anti-style, i believe he has hit a new level in his climbing. After this our buddy Alex M ran us over to the newly opened sport/bouldering area "Steele". We didn't get to see much but what we did it see was really good. Voges and I both did a cool highball called Reconciliation. HIGHLY recommended! Then we finished off with a new line just to the left that i called Steel Reserve. It starts on two rad opposing side pulls and traverses right to left across the gorgeous face. Go check it out!

Tomorrow we're gonna be heading to the Moss Rock Bouldering competition! Should be a rad time! Also it's gonna be endurance format so we shall see how I do. Honestly syked on the format, cause more fitness is DEFINATELY what i need right now.
If you need some more info on the comp check out

And on another note i am SO syked to announce that we are heading to Bishop next friday!! Words can't even describe the syke we got, and shit is gonna get DONE!! Voges specifically is going to own this place. It hosts some of the hardest boulders, that are perfectly in his style. Kids gonna blow up in about 14 days!!

Here's a small tic list i've throw together for the trip

-Buttermilker ( original start )
-Mandala SDS
-Goldfish Trombone
-Kill Onsight
-The Swarm
-Fight Club

Also here's a clip of Voges' Day in Bama

Voges in alabama from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Immortal Technique

Today Brion and I went out to LRC to find the air thick and damp.. Tall Tee felt like trash so we went over to this supposed proj sitting right behind Robbin the Toothfairy. It's a one move problem off two sharp crimps and a bad smear. You basically have to do a thrutchy deadpoint into a crystal covered slot.. no bueno.. Anyway, Brion dispatched and i stuck the crux move and somehow punted off the last little move to the jug. FUCK. After this it went to shit.. My last effort i pulled off the ground and dry fired of the crimps mid move(split tip) and ended up 5 ft from the boulder on my head. I was pissed.. to say the least. Voges named the bloc Disparate Impact, v10. Well Done!
So then with hopes of some redemption we decided to take a hike out the north chic to find a boulder problem James Litz put up called Immortal Technique, v9. We hiked for a minute and ended up jumping the flooded creek in incredible fashion to get to the boulder. Syke was renewed and Voges and I both sent, while Nate Drolet made some sick headway and will send next time for sure! Day was over and despite the split tip, and the bump on the head, i had a good time! Plus the best way to top off a day is Mojo Burritio and a gym sesh with the homies!

Here's Voges sending Immortal Technique


Brion Voges climbing Immortal Technique v9 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yet another quickee!

Today we went rockclimbing again. Crew consisted of Me, Brion Voges, Hugh Huffaker, and Nathan Drolet. Everyone climbed really well and there were some notable sendz! Voges quickly got the 2nd ascent of my problem "Big Mac" V9, and Hugh climbed the classic "babe" v8 with the quickness. After this Voges climbed the 4th ascent of The Bosnian, V10. I got video of the send but the footage is awful. I basically got the camera out just in time for the send. Whatever, i threw together a quick clip anyhow. Check below! Also to finish the day we went further down the road to try a project sit start to Bubba Bean. After some sussing out of the moves i was able to complete the problem! It felt really stretched out and i wouldn't think anyone under 5'10 could do this boulder.. unless your just a complete monster! Anyway, i thought it was around v10 and i called it Bubba Gump.
Tomorrow is a rest day, and tuesday i am going out for what hopefully will be my last round of attempts on Tall Tee!!


Brion Voges and The Bosnian from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Quickee!

Aight so today was actually dry!!!! Voges, Joe Beth, Jacob and I ran out to Dayton for a nice sesh. Voges was syked to try his hand on Power Patches low, v11 which he crushed quickly for the 3rd ascent! I was then syked on trying the project traverse into Hippy Culture on the 45. Feeling much better on crimps i was able to complete the line on my 2nd go! Thank god, cause its a sharp one. It is now called Hippy Funeral, and probably clocks in around v10. After this we ran up the trail with little day light so Voges could snag the 2nd ascent on my problem Oreo, V9.
Very good day, and from the what the forecast shows we should have more sunshine to come!

Here are 2 new vids for ya!


Day at Dayton, Tn from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Creek Footy from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Monday, February 15, 2010

ABS Nationalz n ish

So im back now from the abs nationals in VA. The comp overall was fantastic! The setting was incredible, and the scene was hype! I ended up placing 7th out of the 19 that went to Finals! Not too bad, though i felt as if i could have done much better. Ah well, thats how it goes.

On another note, i am back in the nooga!!! The weather is a little iffy right now, which is a bummer, but i soon see a break in the clouds, and projects are gonna get done! Tomorrow i am going to be heading up to LRC with friends Chaz Warren, and Jacob Fellers. Chaz is super close on White Face, and i have some business to attend to with the Tall Tee Proj, and Barndoor! Really syked! Wish us luck!

For those interested here are the Final Results from the comp.
1 Daniel Woods
2 Matt Bosley
3 Robert D'Anastasio
4 Zach Lerner
5 Magnus Mitboe
6 Adam Markert
7 Jimmy Webb
8 Paul Robinson
9 Gabor Szekely
10 Carlo Traversi
11 Vasya Vorotnikov
12 Ian Dory
13 Alex Johnson
14 Kyle Owen
15 Ryan Olson
16 Julian Bautista
17 Joshua Levin
18 Paul Wallace


Friday, February 12, 2010

Abs Qualifiers

So qualifiers are now over. Im pretty stoked on how i climbed today! I was able to flash the first 4 problems and zoned on the last two, which puts me in 4th place going into finals!! Congratulations to everyone who came out today, and good luck to all the finalist!


18. Ryan Olson

17. Zach Lerner

16. Erik Paulsen

15. Kyle Owen

14. Joshua Levin

13. Paul Wallace

12. Alex Johnson

11. Matt Bosley

10. Adam Markert

9. Gabor Szekely

8. CArlo Traversi

7. Julian Bautista

6. Rob D'Anastasio

5 .Jimmy Webb

4. Magnus Mitboe

3. DAniel Woods

2. Vasya Vortnikov

1. Paul Robinson

Also here is a short clip of me doing 3 of the 6 qualifying boulders! Much thanks goes out to Issabelle Faus for her terrific camera work!!


2010 ABS Qualifiers from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some southern cook'n!

So the vid of me, Brion and Brad climbing round the south is finally up on deadpoint for you viewing pleasure! The video in my opinion turned out really well, considering my goofy ass rambling.. Hope you guys enjoy it! Thanks again Brant!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daniel Woods and the La Sportiva Solutions

So here's a cool clip that homie Joe Kinder shot my way of Daniel Woods climbing in Gorges Du Loup in the South of France! In the vid he chats about the La Sportiva Solutions and why they are his all time favorite climbing shoe! Definately dope work from Joe, can't wait to get my pair in the mail!!!


- Joe Kinder ( )

"This content was shot in the Gorges Du Loup, which is in the South of France. It is a great summer spot with the beach near, a beautiful gorge, and some test-pieces that kept us busy for a month and a half.

Daniel impressed all of us, including the locals with his fanaticism and efforts he put in each day. He would try one 9a and immediately after run over to jump on an 8c+, and then 20 minutes after that he would attempt to onsight an 8b! It was one of my favorite times in Europe this year and mainly due to hanging out and climbing with Daniel.

He stands by his statements in the video and believes that the Solution is the best shoe ever made and he uses it for everything.

The edits were done over the past few weeks. I find editing great for the rest days where you can be productive and still incorporate what I love more than anything... climbing. "

Daniel Woods Loves the Solution from La Sportiva on Vimeo.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Bosnian

Things around here have been a little uneventful i know. Mainly because the weather the past couple weeks has been complete shit! No worries though! The past couple days i've made it out and sampled some of the best sandstone near chattanooga. Today especially was a nice day to be out! Me, Kasia and Jacob headed out to a spot just down the road. I had my sights set on the 3rd ascent of James Litz' "The Bosnian" After a fun warm up i started trying this lowball project. Felt hard but i figured out some trickery and she went. Called it Big Mac, V9 or so. Then we hustled down the road to try the bosnian before it got too late. At first a send was looking unlikely. but then i figured out the ackward first move and just had the top to deal with. I then started from a stand start to scope out the top, and soon found out that the top sloping rail was drenched!! A bit bummed, i decided to give it one solid effort from the bottom. Easily enough i made it through the lower crux and stuck the large move to the crimp and just went for it! I made a large move to the lip and had to cut my feet on the wetness, looking down at the pads i coulda sworn i was coming off. But i managed, and went to the top!! Very Syked to finish this line, and in my opinion it is one of the best in the Nooga!

Here's a little sumthin

The Bosnian from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Competition #1 results

So the first leg of the Tennessee boulder bash is finished, and the competition is lookin stiff in each category!


1st- Grayson McConnell 947
2nd- Anna Fox 924
3rd- Liz Lawrence 854
4th- Derik Turk 757
5th- Peter Turk 742

1st- Joseph Ezell 2594
2nd- Elliott Brown 2573
3rd- Jordan White 2203
4th- Travis Hitchcock 2123
5th- Billy Brown 2106

1st- Josh Randolph 2550
2nd- Kit Buckley 2520
3rd- Andrew Clark 1289

Thanks to everyone who came out! And we hope to see ya again at the next comp!