Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hueco Video

Here's a quick clip from my trip to Hueco !

Hueco Tanks 2010 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Final Hueco

So the hueco trip is coming to an end. The past few days have been really nice, just out climbing classics, and trying a couple projects. I never got a chance to make it out to Tactile Style unfortunately, but thats alright. It just leaves me with another problem to try next year. Yesterday Daniel and I went out to the East Spur Maze to try the 'Crook by the Book' Project. Which he is very close to completing, and will most likely end up as a low end 8b+. This project revolves around one very difficult move to a three finger undercling, and hard compression moves to finish. I made a couple really good attempts on the line, but grabbing the 3 finger undercling just isn't gonna happen right now with my finger the way it is.. I did almost come up with some alternate beta which involved lunging past the 3 finger pocket to a good sloper. That move is at my full extension, and very difficult. I got damn close on the move, but after 2 hours of trying i just couldn't pull it off. Again. Another for next year.

Tomorrow I fly out of El Paso at around 2:30, headin back to Chattown. From there it's christmas with the family, and off to Arkansas for a month ! Good times to come !


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another Hueco update

So on thursday we all decided to truck out to East mountain. Brion quickly finished off Slashface, while Daniel decided to put some effort into the roof project just below. I tried the project a little, but my finger just wasn't having the small right hand crux hold, so i stuck to spotting. After some sussing out, daniel was able to put the whole bloc together and called it Carol of the Bones, V13. This problem is really nice, and i am very sykd to try it next year.

We then rolled over to the dragons den so Brad, Brian A, and I could attempt Full Throttle. I was lucky enough to snag an ascent rather quicly, while Brad and Brian got agonizingly close. Brian is going back out there today and i'm sure he will finish !

On friday we went back out to the East Spur Maze where Brion and Brad were sykd to try Nagual and I wanted to try to finish off Flamignon. Both brion and brad made good improvements on Nagual, but brion got SO close.... falling of basically the last moves, due to the blinding sun in his eyes. A send was definite at this point. Yet unfortunately on his next attempt he was weighting the crux hold and heard a pop in his finger. It was pretty loud.. He blew it off at first, cause he was sure it was just his knuckle, but after he took a moment to himself he realized there was stiffness in the joint. Immediately the injury sounded familiar since I had an issue in colorado with my middle knuckle that kept me from climbing for about a month. Hopefully brion's injury is not the same, and nothing serious.

On a lighter note, Brad and Brion both were able to climb the Flame shortly after, and i was able to finish off Flamignon. It felt good to finish this one, since it's looked so impossible in the past. The crux of the Flame also broke this past year, making the last move to the left hand pinch much bigger, and more low percentage. It definitely doesn't up the grade, but just makes that last couple moves a bit more insecure.

Heading out today to North Mountain to climb on some randoms. Then maybe heading out to West tomorrow to try Tactile Style.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First few days in the Tanks

So hueco has been alright so far. My tendon is still a little messed up (obviously) therefore I've had to steer clear of the crimpy lines ( most of Hueco Tanks) On the upside though I have been able to settle on 4 cool rock climbs I am syked to try and finish off. Full Throttle, Flamignon, Coeur De leon (finished today) and a small little project sitting in the East Spur Maze.

On our second day we all made our way out to East Mtn where Voges got really close to sending Slashface. We then ran over to Full Throttle to see how it felt. My first tries on the boulder felt really good, and i felt a send could be possible. Although i grew tired rather quickly and had to settle with coming back soon in hopes of finishing it off.

Then on our 3rd climbing day (today). We went out to the East Spur Maze. Brian A made a very nice ascent of Nagual, and nearly climbed Coeur De Leon just after. Then we made our way over to Full Monty which Brad polished off nicely, and i got sykd to get on Flamignon. After around 30 minutes i had all the moves sussed out, and began giving efforts from the bottom. On my 2nd try I fell off basically the last move, and the next go ( minutes later due to time) I fell at the same spot. So with that being the case i am VERY sykd to return, and am even more syked i have found a few boulders in the Tanks that don't irritate my finger.

More soon,

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2 from tha Creek

Well time is running down here in tha ol' chatt. I am heading off to Hueco Tanks on friday for 10 days. My tendon is still pretty jacked, but it's getting better slowly.. Don't know what i'm going to be able to climb on this trip, but i don't really care. Just sykd to get out !

Here's a vid of some G's rock climbing blocs

2 from the creek from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


The CCC needs your help !

The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources recently released a draft of the Chimney Rock State Park Master Plan for public comment until December 13. The draft plan is available online at

Chimney Rock State Park includes the classic Rumbling Bald cliffline and boulderfield. In addition, the park includes or is slated to include several lesser-known, high quality cliffs such as Ghost Town, the north side of Rumbling Bald, Eagle Rock, Cloven Cliffs, and the cliffs of the Chimney Rock attraction. Some of these outlying areas have 20+ years of climbing history.

The Chimney Rock State Park Master Plan will guide land management in the park over the next 20 years. Currently this plan makes misguided statements about the impacts of climbing and endangers the future of climbing in Hickory Nut Gorge.

The Carolina Climbers' Coalition and the Access Fund are working together to provide key comments regarding climbing access and management. Help ensure climbers' voices are heard. Urge park planners to protect current and future climbing access in Chimney Rock State Park by visiting the Access Fund website and using their letter-writing tool.

The park planners need to hear your thoughts today.
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