Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Salt Lake City, UT

So we're in salt lake now!
The trade show is in 3 days. So getting psyched!
Went climbing today in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Nothing to update but it was eventful.
Kasia climbed a cool problem called Mr. Smiley. and i gave the bully some tries.
Couldnt climb the 11. but did all the moves quick.
maybe a send tomorrow morning!
Wish me luk.

Some pics from our last days in CO!

Kasia trying Riddles in the Dark, v10. Burly.

Max on riddles.

Goodbye Upper Chaos..
New vid!
Three from evans!

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Scott Gross said...

nice video Jimmy! Glad to hear you're back in town. Let's go! You have to call me because I lost a lot of people's number's when I switched to a new phone. word