Friday, December 19, 2008

Good Times

So heres a few shots taken over the last several days.
Havent been doing much updating. Just been psyched, and focusing on the rad weather, good friends, and chillin in the desert.
Ive felt super motivated this past week.
Friends from home have been in town. So its been fun, and always entertaining!
Haha, Voges almost died ghost riding the whip...
We got chased out of quiznos with a knife..
And Carl got so trashed he threw up for a day and a half.
so.. thats how my weeks gone!
Besides that... theres been some sick sendage!! 
Voges is absolutely cleaning house, and shows no sign of letting up! 
He has three more days on his trip here.. Im psyched to see what else he can take down!!
Sick work brother.


Voges sending Crown of Aragorn, 8b.

Voges. sending Full Monty, 8a+.

Again, sending El Chupacabra right, 8a
3 tries.

Me working Crown of Aragorn.
Finally getting stronger on small edges!!

Hugh. Back safe from the epic decent!

Times are good.


1 comment:

ethan lecroy said...

sounds dank sry i missed out men alot of sucky stuff happend lately no one to climb with lost my camera to my dumb ass leaving at blowing rock but hit me up i will come to chat