Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gone Skateboarding

So recently i've started skateboarding again. Chaz bought himself a board, and ryan is syked.
Tonight we decided to do a little street skating. Started off in our pkng lot. went down to a church.. which we got cornered by some dude and his bible... you can just figure the rest....
After we broke from the vortex we found a nice spot with a bank, and a loading dock. Got kicked out. then waltzed up to this 4 set and screwed around. I ended up throwing down and ollied over the handrail.
I still got it!!! and stoked to get back in the game!

Here's a small clip. the first of MANY to come.


Skateboarding 1 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


ethan lecroy said...

yo dude ive picked the board back up to should come see the new park

Daily doses said...

sounds straight mane. In Colorado now. We need to catch up for sure. I'll holla when i get home.