Monday, September 7, 2009

Not bouldering season yet

So this weekend Bvoges, Kasia, Nate and I planned a trip to Boone, Nc to see if the bouldering temps had started up yet.
Needless to say, they hadn't. We arrived friday night, driving up Grandfather mtn through clouds of fog, and a wet road.
We continued down to the bottom of lost cove were we camped for the night.
Saturday ended up being a little better then expected.. Humid and miserable in the morning, and got dryer throughout the day.
We made our way to lost cove early where we just messed around on some classics. Nate did the Patio Arete, and I did a cool boulder called Chapter 13.
After this we dominated Quiznos, and met up with Voges and Joebeth. Then we went to the M1 boulders to find everything basically wet. We warmed up on a cool v5.. i climbed a RAD boulder problem called Instinctual. Which is only doable if your about 6 ft tall. Then me and Voges tried Don Johnson... it was SOAKED!! So we flailed a bit, and called it.

Then we all made the trek to the blowing rock boulders where again.... everything was slightly wet.
Me and Voges beat through some bushes and finally found this problem called Room with a View. He and I both sent.

Due to the wet weather, and the most likely possibility of it raining that night we decided to go on home.
We ate at black cats, and hit Dairy Queen on the for some treats.

Here's a small clip from the trip


Day in Boone, Nc from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


Jon Glassberg said...

Sweet! You did Instinctual! Nice. Im impressed you did that in the summer... F'in hard! hopefully it cools down for you guys soon. Kick ass at the triple crown! Represent.

Daily doses said...

Thanks bub! Wish you could make it.. won't be the same without ya big boy

Nasty Nate said...

I like the video man!!
Damn syked to climb wiht you guys!!!

Daily doses said...