Sunday, October 17, 2010

Boone, Nc

Yea yea so i know it's been like 3 months or sum ish since i've posted .... but honestly not much has been up. Just training, chillin, and waiting for that beautiful fall weather to set in.

So, here's a short update for ya ... with a vid ! She includes me and brion climbing two rarely climbed James Litz blocs nestled in the mountains surrounding Boone North Carolina. Thanks to Nate Draughn for the edit.


Random Man and Black Crack from Nate Draughn on Vimeo.


jgass said...

black crack... man i did that years ago.
SICK!! got me SYKED. back in a month to partake in the stomping of sandstone boulders.

Daily doses said...

HA sick man. We'll have to take a trip to boone, it's prime up there !

Anonymous said...

Nice sending man. Those beats are sick. Who is that?

Daily doses said...

Thanks man, its called Lionheart by Emancipator

Anonymous said...

nice. thanks for the info on the beats. Crazy that Litz problems are still getting their first repeats.