Monday, January 24, 2011

2 Days in the Obed Wild & Scenic Forest

This saturday & sunday Kasia, Rami and myself took a trip down to the Lilly Boulders to climb on the classics, and help shoot some photos for the up and coming guidebook by Kelly Brown. 1st day we climbed on classics, and tried a few harder boulders. I was able to climb an old project of mine Recluse v11, and got super close to climbing the 2nd ascent of James Litz' Tilted World v13 before I ripped a flapper and had to call it quits. On our 2nd day we hiked to a newer boulder field to try a really cool roof Bosley put up called Shattered Mines V10, and search for new problems. Due to the lack of time we didn't get to search around as much as i would've liked, but on the upside I did manage a flash of Shattered Mines. After this we took the hike back to the cars and went over to Lilly Boulders. We warmed up a bit more and Rami climbed the classic Mojo v9, and we hiked back down to Tilted World. I felt super tired, the flapper felt like utter shit, and a send in my mind was very unlikely. With no expectations set in, i decided to try hard and see what happens. If anything we would still have some nice shots courtesy of Mark Large. Then surprisingly on my 4th attempt from the ground i found myself at the finish! I was very psyched to climb this one, and I have to say it's one of the best of the grade, and definitely the best in the Obed.

Here's a vid I threw together, and a couple shots from Mark Large.

Rami on Mojo

Shattered Mines

Rami on Shattered Mines

Kasia on Whirlpool v8

Tilted World

Lilly Boulders 2011 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.



Andrew Minnick said...

Nice use of the Font. grading system in the vid! I've always been an advocate. Keep stuntin'

Paul said...

nice one jimmmyyy! take down! dude so psyched for the soufff next year! projects!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah son...PROPS!
check out the canoe hole next time you head that way

Daily doses said...

Thanks man, going back this weekend, went to the canoe hole once. Need to go find that litz problem there!

Anonymous said...

yeah man its sick! its on a HUGE boulder. very cool undone low start out a 15 foot roof as well.
too bad there is not much else out there though...