Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Triple Crown: Hound Ears, Nc

Last weekend was the first stop of the annual triple crown bouldering competition held at Hound Ears, Nc. Though I decided not to compete in the comp this year, i happily made the trek through those windy roads to plant myself deep in the Appalachian mountains for a weekend filled with amazing weather, good friends, and an abnormally relaxing comp scene.

This year Voges & I decided to dub the hound ears comp day 'project day' as we set out into the field taking a glance at a couple beautiful undone lines. Luckily for us we ran across a couple pieces of rock that suited our fancy. First on the list was a project on the three bears boulder. Voges was able to climb the line for the first ascent, and i followed close behind with the second of 'Subject to Change' v11. Afterwards we were directed to a project down the hill by triple crown organizer Jim Horton. We turned the corner, dropped our jaws, said fuck yea, and began cleaning vigorously! 2 hours later, and about 6 days of skin in the hole I made the FA of the line dubbing it 'Projections' V12 ( likely the hardest bloc in the field ). Brion obviously followed close behind for the second!

Here's a vid of our day plus Brion climbing the famous litz problem 'Kratos' V12.

Congratulations to all the competitors who competed last weekend, and congrats to all the peeps that had a killer time!

Check here for the full results of the comp.

This weekend is going to be the 2nd stop of the series at Stone Fort. I'm planning on climbing in the following 2 competitions, and although i just caught some sickness going around and it's going to be 80 degrees saturday, i'm looking forward to the weekend!


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