Friday, November 18, 2011

Day at Dayton

Yesterday Brion, Rami, and I went out to Dayton Pocket to try our luck on a couple cool boulders. The day was quite eventful as Rami climbed Lord of the Dance v11, Brion was able to snag the second ascent of Foundation v11, and Brion and I both started trying a new project on the Western Gold bloc.


At first glance the project looked quite doable. The first move is relatively simple to a lone pocket in the middle of the wall. After this you have to make a MASSIVE throw right hand to a small sloping edge, fighting gravity as it rips you back down the hill. The move itself seems to be the hardest single move I've ever encountered. When I think of hard one move problems such as Tall Tee, this one definitely seems to be a step above. I made a few decent efforts at the move, with my best goes being grabbing the crimp, yet I am unsure if I am anywhere near sticking it. Time will tell, and i'm psyched to head back!

On another note, I just recently purchased a Canon t3i!! This thing is definitely the nicest camera I have ever owned, and i'm psyched that It not only shoots video but pictures as well. Still got a lot to learn, but i'm psyched to get it started and see what I can come up with!

Here's a vid I shot yesterday of Brion climbing Foundation. Unfortunately the SD card I had was only a class 6, so I had to shoot in 640 rather than its 1920 capabilities. Oh well, quality will only get better!


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