Sunday, February 12, 2012

6 days in Fontainebleau

Thats right, I just spent 9 days/6 climbing days in the magical forest of Fontainebleau. My first trip to Europe was supposed to be a full month adventure, but there were some unexpected happenings at home that required my attention more. To be honest though, I can't complain. Font exceeded my expectations in many ways, and opened my eyes wide to the endless amounts of rock that resides in that area. My 6 days consisted of beautiful weather. Some said it was the best stint of weather they had seen in years. As for the actual climbing part of it, I was very psyched with how I did. I sampled countless classics, and was able to dispatch a few test pieces along the way.

Honestly, that's all I really have to say for now. No amount of words here can exactly explain to you the beauty that is Fontainebleau. It's truly a magical place, and I will wait impatiently for my next opportunity to visit.

Be looking for a DPM stash vid of my time there popping up sometime in the next few weeks!



T Lit said...
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T Lit said...

fuckin looking forward to it man!

on a side note, hp or font ?? (excluding the fact that u get to travel to font)... so climbing quality, basically??

Anonymous said...

YO man its ethan agian the only way i can get intouch of you is through here so here goes another attempt, WE own the other side of the creek from the cabin at ozone and there or more boulders than you can believe plus a couple of short sport climbs im thinking could go up too........ PLz get n touch ph#2543634

Daily doses said...

Hey man, sorry i've been so fucking lame. Just been so busy getting my shit together around here. Plus traveling, and all that. I'll be in Colorado starting today till the 4th of march. When i get back In town i'll be around probably until July so i'll have some free time! Psyched to go check these things out FOR SURE!! I'll text you my number right now so you got it. PEACE

Anonymous said...

i'm from knoxville and have been looking for some cliffs to bolt over in your direction. if the offers open to people other than jimmy, me and a friend with a hilti would be excited to check it out