Tuesday, March 13, 2012

6 days in Font Video

So my video of my time in Fontainebleau is finally out! You can go check it out over in the Stash at Deadpointmag.com. Hope you guys enjoy it!



Ron Nance said...

Sweet vid. Font looks sick. Killer flash on Graham's Dragon prob. I watched him struggle to FA that prob in a video, and it looked redonkulously difficult. Nice job bumping off the sloper to the jug at the finish. It looked close on that move. =)))

Daily doses said...

Haha thanks Ron. I honestly thought I was off there. Luck was definitely on my side!

Anonymous said...

yeayh man thats awsome when I saw that i was in pure ectasy not really but was cool cant believe you weree in the obed helping with guid book and didnt call from that the big ozne is only 45 min on 27 then a speacial turn next time call me im guessing at the least 6 v9s to13s and a couple fobars my number agian 8652543634
etahn ps i can be there in 45 mins if im not there working on my masterpeacice downhill trail

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