Friday, June 22, 2012

Organic Climbing with Kasia Pietras

So here is a little video I threw together for our good friends over at Organic.  This one revolves mainly around my lady Kasia Pietras as she chats about her relationship with our local climbing gym TBA and the southern community.  Kasia has always flown under the radar when it comes to the amount of recognition she receives as a rock climber and more importantly what she does for our community.   Managing TBA is no easy task and she single handedly keeps this historic piece of southern climbing history afloat and thriving.  It's incredible and my hat stays off to her!

Organic Climbing with Kasia Pietras from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

We are currently out on the Front Range in Boulder, CO.  The psyche is high around here and though it has been a bit warm for this time of year boulders are being sent! I have been shooting tons of video so you can expect some media to pop up in the days to come..

Until then, here are a couple screen shots!


                                      Taylor Mcneill on Tetris v12

Wild Basin

Friday the 13th v10

Kasia climbing Garfunkel v7


Anonymous said...

Yo jimbo stoked to see your still up to the same old same old ive been mountain biking alot and think you would like this area down from look rock ive been developing making a dh track not much just a couple of large
boulders top of the world style

catables said...

sicky kasia... I miss you guys... found some boulders within walking distance here so I go bouldering on sunday's when they let us leave the rehab... Love ya'll, CALEB