Monday, November 10, 2008

So, as many know I am leaving for Hueco next monday! I'm so psyched for the scenery change and all the new boulder problems i'll have the opportunity to climb on! Things are definately looking sick for the next several months... but i am definately going to miss Chattanooga. The people, the scenery, and the amazing climbing is just so dope here... i honestly couldn't ask for a better town to reside in. Chattown, with no doubt holds some of my best memories.. and experiences.
I will miss home... but i will return!
Hope to see some familiar faces in my new, temporary residence of Hueco Tanks, Tx!

So on another note!
Went to LRC today for a very lo-key sesh with Kash and Jeremy! Only got to get in a few hours of climbing... but it was fun, and entertaining to say the least!!
Some shots.

Jeremy on Heroin

Electric Boogaloo, v10



J on the infamous, Barn door 2000 proj.
This project is sooo difficult!! I personally am millions of years away to sending this rig... but J on the other hand is looking quite nicely on it! Looking forward to hearing about the dispatch.. very soon!!
Stay psyched!

Im out,


stayhuman said...

Nic pics. are you going to be working at the ranch? i hope to be coming out that way around feb. of next year. hope you're still there. Oh yea, started a blog. Check it out.


Scott Gross said...

GD school work! I wish I could make it up to chill this weekend before you leave and get 1000x stronger out there. You're skin will get burl out there man. Enjoy yo'self bitch!
Keep it real Jimbo,