Monday, November 10, 2008

Boone, Nc

So me and kasia went to Boone North Carolina this weekend to climb with friends, Nate, and Sammy. It was absolutely the most perfect weekend! The weather was good, and the colors were sick! I was definately psyched to try some area classics, and to finally see some hard problems i've yet to try!
Yea, we arrived in Boone at around 2:30 Saturday afternoon.. and met up with nate and sam at the Lost Cove. Me and nate were psyched to go try a problem first done by Jon Glassberg at an area called the Sasafras Boulders. So while Kash and Sam just chilled at Lost Cove.. me and nate set off down the mountain towards "Twice upon a time" v10. Which we both dispatched rather quickly! It was a sick line!!! Honestly could say one of the best problems ive done. Sick effort from big Jon G on the F.A. Proud!!
So saturday was sick.. but sunday got even better!
It was definately one of my best days climbing.
Started off warming up on the long wall.
Then continued to flash left out, v8.
Afterwards we made our way towards an area at Grandmother called "The Great Roof".
Where i attempted two hard ones called Sunday Service, v11.. and The Masochist, v10.
These two were so sick! And with some surprising effort i was able to Flash both of these amazing boulder problems!
So with some confidence i was able to finish off the day climbing Full Throttle, v11. and Bertha Sit, v10. Definately a high sendage day.. and although nate had no sends.. he made major progress on his projects.. and im sure with some time ..will be back out to dominate!
Kasia had not such a bad trip either. She was able to dispatch a few hard ones.. such as, Chapter 13, v7. Zen Master(stand) v7. and Matt's prow, v8. Sick effort from her! Needless to say, the psyche was high!
So amped on the trip! Such a good time, with good weather, and damn good company!
Huge thanks to Nate, and Sammy for all the help! Definately couldn't have done it without em.
Some shots.

Matt's Prow, v8

Sunday Service, v11
Sammy on Left out, v8


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