Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Been a minute

So whats up!!
Seems like life has been super lo-key recently. Nothing spectuacular, nothing groundbreaking.. just me training at TBA and sport climbing occasionally.
It's been fun, and motivating.. especially since jwal recently rolled back in town and is keeping my syked. BOOM!

So word, despite the hot weather recently me, kasia, and jeremy decided to take a trip out the the new spot they're calling "Royal Blue" near ktown. We hooked up with Mitch Trice who took us out and showed us around. huge thanks. So while we were there we got to check out a cool little spot they called the golden nuggets.. and the twelve's. Gold nuggs was first. which hosts some stellar rock, small roofs, fun warm-ups and a couple projects. One of which i was able to snag. Calling it " the glory of kings".
This project basically consists of some badass sandstone, perfect start holds, followed by two nice incuts, and a huge toss out to a sloper on the arete.. hard match then a dicey highballish finish. SICK. to say the least.
Unfortunately we weren't able to get footage of this climb due to my absent mindness.. but whatever. stellar bloc. go do it!
After this we packed up and drove out to the 12's. which is somewhat of a smaller area.. and was actually one of the first areas developed in this facinity.
This area seemed to be based on one mini cliff line that ran for around a mile?
Not bad stone, some classic moderate roofs, and whatever.
A couple nice lines we did in particular included a wave featured v6. This problem is almost identical to the wave we all know at LRC. Just continuous slapping up a slopey arete. Its veeeery nice.
Then we trudged out to a problem mitch first climbed called "bird of prey" Me and J both flashed and started to focus our attention on a proj. to the right. J battled a wasp, and we started to chalk up some holds, and figure some beta. J quickly flashed for the F.A and i followed behind in a few efforts. No name for this problem yet.. but its definately one for the books. Nice jug start, intense and bunchy two move crux.. and a nice head wall to finish.
Get out and do this one mitch! You will enjoi.

So with our day finished at royal blue, we headed back to the Mtown and stayed with my rents for the night. Got up the next day and rolled out to the lilly boulders.
It was nice, i repeated some classics, and J straight stomped Testify in the near 80 degree heat.


Also, heading to the Gravity Brawl in New Jersey tomorrow. No expectations. Just syked to chill with some peeps and climb some cool problems. Come out and ball!!

Here's a clip i threw together from those 2 days.

The recent hottness from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


Dave said...

Testify looks like a nice line.

jeremy tyler walton said...

james, i named it. a brief encounter v9. also, the first boulder problem, which i did in under 15 minutes-- holla holla holla, goes by the name of The Wave 2: Electric Boogaloo. no, that can't be right.

Tom said...

ha...sick. nice jwal