Sunday, May 3, 2009


Today was sick! 
Went out to Little River in search of some dry rock.. and despite the constant ass loads of rain we were able to stay dry, and climb some fun routes.
Didn't have much time to climb.. but was able to climb a very nice 7b+ called Gecko.

Word, with all the rain in the next week i will return

Oh, and we got the brand spank'n new HD Camera in the mail this week!!! Gotta get out and buy a charger n shiz and we're in business! So hopefully we'll have some vids up soon.

Enjoi the beautiful weather!!



Ryan J said...

you talk to boz about the rig on the roof yet?


did you make it to the end to check out Caliban ??

Daily doses said...

Haven't chatted with boz yet, but did go check Caliban! Route looks rrreeeally nice.. didnt wanna walk our gear out there in the rain. So i'll get back sumtime.. Oh, and saw the vid of you on Unshackled. SYKED! That route looks incredible!!!