Saturday, July 25, 2009

Salt Lake City, UT

So i've been in Salt Lake City Utah for the past week attending the 2009 OR Trade Show. Hanging out, walking around what is basically the biggest outdoor retail store in the world. I competed again this year as well. Having my best finish in a large scale competition yet.. placing 7th after qualifiers, and ending up 4th after the finals. Definately syked with the 400 dollars that will help me get my ass back to the south.
We've also been climbing now 2 nights up at the Little Cottonwood Canyon. First night i was able to take down Bully.. a project i left undone from last years trip. Also did a couple cool lines called Copperhead, and All Thumbs.
Tonight we went to an area called the Gate. By looking in the guide book it seemed to have the most variation of easy to difficult boulders. So we warmed up and Kasia, Jon, and Isabell were able to climb a nice 7b+ called Bar Fly. While i was able to finish Pro Series, 8a. Also checked out a few other classics up the road: Triple Threat, and Ben Moons Eclipse. Though we didnt really climb on these boulders they were most definately two of the best blocs i've seen in cottonwood canyon and probably any area ive visited. I will return.
Here's a small clip i threw together of us bouldering at the Gate Boulders.

Little Cottonwood Canyon Utah from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

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