Sunday, August 2, 2009

Last days in the RMNP

So today was our 2nd to last day at the RMNP. And me, kasia, and Jon had some unfinished business to try and take care of..
The day started somewhat mellow.. i was syked to try Freaks of the Industry. but since it was like 80 degrees and in the sun it was a waste of time. Kinda bummed we bolted up to Sunspot where Jon got aggonizingly close! He decided to rest for a bit and kasia wanted to go try Riddles in the Dark. Also SO close.. and somewhere in the middle of all this me and Jon ran up on the other side of this big slab and found a small looking cave... We jumped in expecting stashed pads or something.. but instead found a somewhat decent boulder problem, uncleaned. I decided to clean it up.. and send.. calling it We looked like Giants, v9.
Hopefully ill get some video of that up soon..
After this I decided to go give some ditch efforts on Top Notch... and surprisingly got really close!! Falling on the last move from the start 5 times!!! Trip is now extended an extra day and i will go back on tuesday to finish it off!
Projexts bout to go down!!!!!!!!!

Here's a small un-edited clip i threw together of one of my better attempts on Top Notch.


Attempts on Top Notch, 8b from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


Nasty Nate said...

Damn Close Boy!!
Damn I dont get back to boulder til I guess you guys leave. I get back tuesday nite. You out by then? If so, its been a great summer man! Fun chillin, climbing, and just hangin out!! Thanks for all the syke! Safe trip back to chatty. See at triple crown hopefully!

Anonymous said...

Yea man probably bouncing out tuesday night or wedesday morn. Been a blast for sure!!! I'll catchya in tha dirty.