Sunday, February 6, 2011

New 8a in Dayton

Location: Dayton Pocket

Crew: Hugh Huffaker, Rami Annab, Aj Hanson, Andrew Kornylak, Brion Voges

Goal: Roof project on the river, just past western gold.

Today was a sick day, as we got to climb on a very cool roof project at Dayton. At first glance this problem looked reeeally hard. The crux moves revolved around awkward movements on slopey crimps, hanging off a good heel like it's your job, deadpointing to a small 3 finger pocket, and making a large toss to a 2 pad jug. Once crucial beta was refined and the subtleties were figured out, I was able to climb the boulder for its First Ascent. For those of you looking for a new hard boulder to get the psyche up, this one should be close to the top of your list!

Problem completed: Foundation, v11



Anonymous said...

Mission Accomplished: Fag.

Anonymous said...

Dude it is sad you have nothing better to do that bash a climber that is better with a busted tendon that you will ever be in your entire life you flailing gumby

Daily doses said...

haha, always funny. love people who talk shit, but can't stand behind there words. They will forever remain in the shadows