Sunday, February 20, 2011

2 from Boulder Canyon

Well today was my last day here in Colorado. Tomorrow I am heading home to chattanooga. Time to step it up on the training game, get stronger, and return to CO ASAP!

Here's a clip I threw together of a couple problems I was able to climb in Boulder Canyon. Thanks to John Gass for the filming!



Adam said...

What do you do to train?

Daily doses said...

Hey man,

I don't really have a set training regiment. Usually I just go into the gym, meet up with a few friends, and climb as hard as I can for like 3-4 hours. Last night in particular I climbed for close to 3 hours on holds that I need to get stronger on (crimps). Then finished with a set of one arm pull ups, pull up pyramid, push ups, and an ab workout. Followed by a protein shake! ha. Woke up this morning, and I am straight wrecked! ... 2 days off.

Im sure this is nothing knew to ya, but it sure works for me. Hope it helps in someway.


Anonymous said...

hey whats the song? super cool video

Daily doses said...

thanks man, songs called Olympic Airways by Foals.​watch?v=mV0c0acyB1M

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to log in hear and say glad to see some vids, with good music.

Pretty tired of some of the other stuff I see out there. Keep crushin

Here's to linville summers, KY falls, and gorda summers

Adam said...

Thank you for the reply, it does help. I've been stuck in the gym (in Connecticut) all winter and it's been a challenge keeping psyched and "training". I do 4x4's and climb with weight at the end of my session for about 30 mins, 12 pounds. Just trying not to get injured and keep strong. Going to the RED next week, so we'll see if it pays off. Our gym is only 11 feet tall so I did a lot of continuous up and down climbing.