Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back in the NOOG

So i arrived home last night and went straight to my favorite restaurant ( TERMINAL !! ) Psyched to be home for a few weeks before i'm back on the road. Got some big plans coming up involving The ISLAND crew ( Chadwick Greedy, Nate Bancroft & Dave G ) we're traveling to Norway for 1 month searching, developing, and climbing some of the best boulders the world has to offer. I am psyched to say the least !! Our homie Nate Bancroft, who made Reach, will be filming the entire trip so you can expect a sick vid coming from all that ! If you haven't heard already, keep your eye out for the ISLAND. We got volume vids being edited as we speak... and they. are. sick.

For now here is a cool clip Cardeck edited of Dave & I climbing at Red Feather Lakes, CO.

And another nice video by Nalle featuring some of what Norway has to offer.



pup said...
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vishal said...

good for you jimmy. it will be great watching you in a well edited video. and i can't imagine how much there is to learn from developing new boulders with dave g.