Monday, April 25, 2011

Red River Gorge / Obed

This weekend Kasia, Aj, and I took a trip up to the Red River Gorge (despite the weather looking like complete trash) We spent 2 days at the Red, before deciding the weather was just not worth the stay, and we bailed to the Obed for a day of better weather.

For our two days at the red we spent both of them at Bob Marley. On our first day I was able to climb No Redemption 13b on my 2nd attempt, while kasia and Aj worked out the beta on Dogleg 12a/13a.

Then on the 2nd day Kasia was able to piece together Dogleg ( one of the sickest things i've ever seen her climb ) while Aj got agonizingly close. Also I was able to climb a really nice one called Ultra Perm 13c.

At the Obed we took a hike out to South Clear and basically climbed in the Stephen King Library the whole day. Kasia climbed the shinning 12b, I climbed maximum overdrive 13a, misery 13b, solstice 12a, and a few others. Overall pretty good day! We all got ultra pumped and basically saw it as a day of endurance training.

Most of my climbing career has been geared towards climbing boulders, so for the next month while I'm in the south i'm gonna be gettin at the routes! Psyched to go out and try the ol' SOCO on thursday!!!!!


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T Lit said...

hell yeah bra. glad to see your taken your ridiculousness to the sport side of this shit. killer job on ultraperm.