Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another CO summer

Welp, it's that time of year again. In just 2 days i'll be on a plane heading towards the rockies where I am going to be spending the whole summer livin, sk8n, and climbin in the mountains !! I have a nice little spot hooked up courtesy of the Mr. Chadwick Greedy. So the livin sitch is gonna be perty dank! Goals for the summer are to skate alot, climb alot, and hopefully send a few sick boulders. Specifically all the new problems put up last year in Wolverine Land. Also on the tail end of the trip i'll be makin my way out to SLC for the tradeshow comp. Hopefully I can do decent this year and make it into tha billz !!!! Updates will be plenty !!



luke said...


SolidD33 said...

Indeed, I expect all you southern boys(yourself,Voges,Weaver) to dish sweet news to your people in the South!

- Tampa, FL

Steve Byrkit said...

Yo, what they have fun broski!

Eric Crews said...

keep up the crushing! Can't wait to see the sends on some J-Web edits.