Friday, May 6, 2011

La Sportiva Pythons

So, two days ago I got the brand spankin new La Sportiva Pythons sent to my front door. The hype behind this shoe has been gradually building for the past year or so, and when I heard they were on their way I was ecstatic!! So, what i'm wanting to do now is provide a small review and insight into what I think about this new shoe. Hope someone finds this useful!


The new python is similar in look to the Classic Cobras, but a BIG upgrade when it comes to the overall shoe. A couple up & ups I noticed is the cross band construction under the sole, which keeps the shoe in a permanently down-turned position, the extra rubber on the front of the shoe for extreme toe hooks, a single velcro strap at the top for extra snugness, and stiffer rubber under the toe that is sensitive on small feet, but not flimsy. The python being a bit softer than the solution, makes for a much more comfortable shoe, but still gives you that edge you need when you're trying hard climbs. Rather it's smearing, edging, or toeing in on the roofs the python seems to do it all!


I ordered my pythons in a size 40 1/2 ( same as my solutions) but after breaking them outa the box and being able to basically just slip em on, i think it would be best next time to go a half size down.


How are these things on the wall? .. AMAZING! I've honestly never busted out a brand new pair of kicks and just went almost straight into projecting with little to no break in time. I did a nice juggy warm up a few times and noticed that i had good feeling in what i was stepping on, precision in the toe, and comfort in my heel. These things stick to your feet like glue. For me, i've never put on a pair of shoes that suction to my foot the way the Pythons do. It's like putting your toe's into a snug yet comfortable solution, and slipping your heel into a testarossa. It's perfect.

The pythons all in all were built mainly for competition climbing. Sportiva wanted to build the perfect shoe to match the competitors needs. A high performance climbing shoe that can basically do it all (and it does). Now this is not to say that it is just for indoor climbing. The shoe outside climbs just as well, and is an easy on easy off, comfortable solution to your climbing needs! Also, if it's money your worried about these things are cheaper than your average sportiva, sittin at $130 rather than $155.

So go check em out!! I highly recommend!



Carlos from Philly said...

Got a pair of these last week, sized identically to my Team 5.10s.
Cannot believe how quickly they broke in... I think it took less than two sessions.
Fits like a glove is an understatement.

T. Simpson said...

I just purchased a pair this week and am excited to slip them on and crush some problems. However, I was wondering about the sizing. I ordered them two full sizes down from my normal shoe. Will this be enough once I've broken them in?