Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hueco Tanks Videos

So our Hueco Tanks videos are finally out! The main 13 minute piece can be viewed over on the STASH at Deadpointmag.com. As a little taste here is a small extras clip I threw together of Brian A climbing Left martini and me on the uber-classic Slashface V13.

14 days till FONT!!!!!!



Sean F said...

One of your better edits. Really nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi- I have a question for you- I own 33.65 acres 5 min. from Hueco Tanks has rocks formations/ mountains known by climbers and known by locals as "The Castles" I am relocating and want to sell it but I want someone to conserve it- the pictures are listed in the El Paso Craigslist under the posting ID 3282447597- if you put that on the craigs list search bar on the left it will pull it up- and theres pictures with the contact info- if you know of anyone could you please pass the word- Thanks