Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Long Day

So this morning I woke up around 630, with plans to meet Jenkins at Greenlife around 730... This is the first time since i've been back from Colorado, that ive woken up before noon.
So burly!
But the temps were great and me and Jenkins went to try the segal project.
Didn't really try the original project that matt cleaned.. but 
set our sites on a line heading left instead!  Even though there was no sendage.. im pretty psyched! Ive come to realize that this problem is gonna be sick! Definately a hard one.. for who ever is worthy!
So afterwards we headed up to Damn Yankees.
Jenkins had yet to try this one.. and was psyched on gunning for the 2nd ascent!
And even though he had some close attempts... once again, no sendage.
Couple shots.
Segal Project

Damn Yankees, v9

So then Jenkins had to work.. so i headed back home for some grub.
But less than an hour later, Carl was on his way over and psyched to head back out to Suck Creek. So i sucked it up, and headed out.
Jwal decided to come out! and after getting super close to Damn Yankees last time, he was confident to nail the 2nd. And he did! It was sick effort!!!
And then afterwards we finished up attempting a new proj in the base of the creek. It was a hard jump start that we thought to be around v9. I sent. Then Jeremy followed soon after.

 Battle and the Beast, v9
2nd ascent
Right about here Jeremy's left hand ripped off, breaking the good edge.
He almost died..

So overall the day was sick. Also got a vid of Jwal killin Damn Yankees!
 So, im tired.. and im probably gonna sleep for a week.



Jamie Emerson said...

ronniie jenkins is a fucking bad ass...

Brandon said...

Nasty Nate, you guys keep putting up FA's left and right dont you have a real jobs.

ethan lecroy said...

finally got out went to blowing rock yesterday it was sick. back home from all the traveling trying to sell my art, worked for the most part so got some free time hit me up..... EThan