Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Been Chill'n

Lack of updates recently..  i know.

kasia sent her camera back to Nikon to get fixed and cleaned.. we sold our video camera this week too on Ebay...  Which is straight cause we bought another one!! and its HD!!!!! UHHH!!

But yea, other then that.  been sport climbing. only sport climbing! 
Endurance is in effect, and im finally feeling in stride!!
As sport climbing goes we've been making alot of trips up to Ga.  Climbing on some immaculate stone, and enjoying the warmer weather.
Thinking of making a trip down to Alabama to try SoCo soon! Power endurance to the MAX!
Also heading to fosters this weekend to get on some uber classics and go swimming.

Hope to have something more entertaining up here soon enough.


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