Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random Update

Nothing too serious going on here. The past couple weeks have been uneventful in the climbing scene. I haven't been able to climb too much due to my damn ankle. Hopefully that all changes soon.
Saturday Kasia and I attended the Castle Rock Trail Day up in Jasper, Tn. It was a great event, and though there wasn't too much work to do i was a little disappointed in the lack of attendance. There were around 12 or so people there and half hadn't even been to the area, including me and Kash. Not pointing fingers at anyone, but us as climbers need to show a little more appreciation to these areas. We are very lucky they are even here for us to enjoi.

On another note, Jon Gass is in the chattown, and i believe our weekday plans include some bouldering!! Jon moved to Denver last summer and has seemed to have gotten a bit stronger. Syked to see what this boy can pull down with some hometown syke!

Hope all is well



Brad said...

dude....lrc tomorrow or wednesday. hp40 friday, sat, sunday. you guys should head out.

Daily doses said...

Down! We will be at LRC tomorrow for sure, and maybe Dayton on wed. HP40 weekend is a DEFINITE!!!!

Ryan J said...

How did Apes go??

Daily doses said...

didn't get a chance to try it.. Just time for a quick warmup and then did Predator. Which is incredible!

Pauli Paulio PMo said...

Psyched about what you said man.