Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So tomorrow is another day for us out at the LRC. Voges and I are gonna be heading up there around 11, meeting up with Kasia, and Jacob Fellers later. I have my sights on the new project Tall Tee that has been consuming my thoughts. This problem is by far one of the hardest i've tried in the field, and will be most syked to see it go! It basically revolves around throwing from a very poor micro edge to the sloping lip. Crux not exactly being the distance of this move, but more so the body tension required to stick it, and keep your foot on the smear. BAWSE!! Grade wise, i am not completely certain.. but i'd say its atleast upper end v12?? Here's some shots of Voges and I attempting Tall Tee.
Wish us luck!


"The Move"

My hat falling off.. again

Voges, so close!

V6 finish


Caleb Boaz said...

That looks SIIIIICK

Jon Glassberg said...

That goes!? Damn i always wanted to try but it loked so hard. and sharp.... DO that Thing!!!!

Daily doses said...

i believe it does! Haven't done the crux move yet, but its getting close!