Monday, November 9, 2009


Hp40 comp was a success! The weekend was a great time filled with good people, and world class boulder problems.
Though it was warm, and I felt a little outa the game i was able to come out on top.
Here's a quick rundown of the day.

Voges and I warmed up on the phenomenal v2 "The Wasp" and headed over to No Tranquility v9. It was warm, and baking in the sun so i knew if i had a chance to send, it would HAVE to be quick. And that is thankfully what I did, sending 1st try.
Afterwards we went to God Module v11. I sent in a few goes, and Voges did the same. Then we went to try Slider Sit v10. It felt really greasy and i was unsure if I was gonna be able to dispatch. But Voges shot me some key beta, and next thing i knew i was on top. Voges went on to do the enduro Super Slider v10, and we were on our way. Next on the list for me was Hot N Tot v10, and Cadillac Thrills V9 which i was able to send 1st go. Then it was Balrog v10. A problem Voges and I had sent the week before. and were able to polish it off quick. After that it was around 2 or so, and getting hot as fuck! So in the heat of the day, and already pretty spent i decided to try Skeletor v10. 1st go i got into the v8 odd job and juiced off.. with a little rest I was able to scrap up it. BARELY! Then I went on to send Pegmato v9, And made my way down to The Process v10. As i arrived i was lucky enough to catch some good beta from Jwal, since i have never tried the boulder. And with a bit of effort i sent, and finished the day sending the classic mantle Stingray v9. DONE!

So today is monday and I am STILL dead tired, and have no intention on going climbing till wednesday.
Life is good, and for now im am going skating!


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Anonymous said...

hey where is balrog located?