Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another day at the LRC

Today was a nice day out at Little Rock City.. Voges was syked to finish up Reflections, and we were both pretty syked for another round on the Tall Tee Project. Day started off with Jon Gass sending The Mechanic, v7.. he also got a new camera for christmas so im sure there will be a vid up sometime soon!
Then voges quickly took down Reflections and I started warming up some. Mr Luis rodriguez was also out today with a posse of peeps, so crash pads were plentiful. Everyone seemed syked on the classic Kaya, v8 so i jumped on board!
Afterwards we tried Tall Tee some and surprisingly go pretty close on "the move".. After today i feel as if it could go anytime!
fingers crossed.
Then we started playing on an undone dyno project on the same wall as Flying High. At first we were skeptical.. but after about a half hour of work I was able to snag the FA of Watch your back, v11. Really like this one!! So get syked and go get on it!
Here's a clip from today.


Another from Little Rock City from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

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