Sunday, December 27, 2009

Great Success!!

So today we went to hp40! Our crew for the day included: Me, Kasia, Nate Draughn, Rami, John Gass,Mark Williams, Voges, Joe Beth, Randy Hill, Reger, Lee F, Maxim (crippled) Zolotuhkin, J Rush, and some others. Obviously a big day for hp!
So the day ended up really good, and tons of peeps crushed. I personally had my dream day at hp today.. somehow snagging two long awaited 2nd ascents of James Litz's Genetic, and Lee Paynes Illusions. SYKED!! After this i was able to do the FA of Ghetto Superstar Right ( an old Jeff Whales project) and finished off the day climbing classics like, Trick or Treat, American Pie, Don't Rock my Boat, The Kiss, and Skywalker.
And now to speed this up im gonna slap down a ticlist for ya!

- Landslide, v9

- Waterloo, v8
- Thugs n Bitches, v8
- Shoulda damn dun Skeletor, v10

- Waterloo, v8
- Thugs N Bitches, v8
- Odd Job, v8
- Law Dog, V8

- Hammerhead, v5
- Grooverider, v3
- Highlife, v4

- Illusions v12
- Genetic, v,11
- Ghetto Superstar Right, v10

- Slider, v9
- The Thief, v7
- The Flow, v7/8

Gonna have some more vids up here soon!



forecaster said...

excellent work!

Alex said...

You ain't foolin anyone! We all know Genetic is V12+++! Nice work!

wyclimber said...

Great day indeed!!
I hope to see video of the Genetic send. I was convinced that a hold had broken - there is an obvious scar. Props for gettin it done. Does anyone know if the Litz FA video still exists? Saw it years ago and have never been able to find it again.

Daily doses said...

Thanks man! The problem actually did break, but the hold was on an alternate method not used by James.
Here's the vid of James' FA.
Vid of my send should be up soon!