Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So today was a day at rocktown for me, kash, rami, and nate. We started off the day with absolutely NO warmup. Nate and I were syked on Iron Claw Sit.. this is a problem that i had tried briefly a couple years back in the rain. So needless to say i was syked to get back to it. The problem starts on a set of underclings that seem to always be wet. From there you pull on a stuff a right heel on a sloper and ackwardly thrutch across to a good slope. After a couple more slaps on the arete you do a high right hand heel and cross big to a fat ass pinch.. then finish the bloc on easier moves. After Nate and I sent the original boulder i noticed an undercling about 2 ft left of the OG start. Intrigued and slightly bored i sat down and gave it an effort. On the first go i fell off the last move, and sent on my 2nd try. This problem is in no way recommended, but just another problem if you're feeling the urge.
From here we hiked up to Golden Harvest. I made a repeat and Nate go super close! And after this we hiked up to the Little and Big Bad Boulders and all had a run a couple classics. Nate and I were able to send Blackout, and Big Bad Right, and I finished off the area doing Big Bad, and Little Bad.. CLASSICS!
So then Nate was syked to head up to Speculum and give it some efforts, while Rami messed around on The Womb. Nate had some damn good efforts on Speculum, and Rami did all the moves on the womb quickly.. but no sends. Then i was fortunate enough to snag some ascents on Digital Scales, Speculum, and The orb to finsh off the day.
All in all it was a damn fine day, and we hiked out tired and hungry.
I through together a small clip of the day, and Nate through one together as well.

Rocktown from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Iron Claw Sit(V10) and Blackout(V10) from Nate Draughn on Vimeo.

Also Nate and Rami have decided to extend their stay till sunday, so be sure to stay tuned! SHITS GONNA GET DONE!!!!!


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