Thursday, May 27, 2010

Colorado 2

Well, another week has passed here in CO and we've been spending our time climbing as much as we can. More recently we've made a couple trips up to Emerald Lake at the RMNP. There's still TONS of snow up there, but all the boulders are basically good to go. We spent the majority of our last day there at a really nice problem called Storm Shadow, V11, a problem I did our first day up there. Brion was able to dispatch while John and Nate spent around 3 hours trying to take down the V10 stand start. After they both got DEVASTATINGLY close they decided to call it and come back another day. ( they will crush next time ) I was then stoked to try a little problem up the hill called Hi Fi V11. This one's short and powerful, and in my opinion the crux of the problem was getting the feet set up high for the right hand throw.. and after some sussin out, i was able to finish it off.

Tomorrow we're gonna attempt the hike up to Mt. Evans.. the snow im sure is still pretty stacked so we will see if we can make it... Supposedly the Dali Bloc is completely good to go, so we're really syked to test the waters.

Here's another vid i threw together of some climbing at RMNP...


Colorado 2 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

sick. enjoying the posts. what's that problem brion was on with that nasty little pinch?

Anonymous said...

wait...might be storm shadow...yes?

Nasty Nate said...

finally used that song Mane!! Makes Voges even look cool!! hahahah.

Daily doses said...

hahaha, yup it's storm shadow

Adayak said...

You don't have to bring snowshoes do you?

Daily doses said...

snow shoes would make it a little easier... but we've been trukin up in our sneaks

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