Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Day in Boulder Canyon

So not too much has been going on here. The rain n snow over the past several days have left us sitting on the couch playing video games, and watchin t.v.. Luckily enough we've found a small break in the weather and we got to head out to Boulder Canyon today to do some climbing. We started out trying Chris Schulte's Free Range, but the warm weather threatened our skin so we moved on. After this we went over to Hardboiled, v11. I was able to send 1st try, and John Gass made good links of Replacement Killers, V10. Next up was another Chris Schulte special Authentic Battle Damage, V12. In the beginning i was skeptical. The sun was baking the right side of the wall and my skin felt pretty toast from trying Free Range. So i sussed out some moves while Nate and John made quick ascents of the V8 stand. Sitting around unsure if a send was feasible, i decided to give it another go. I pulled off the ground and before i knew it I was on top. This thing is definately not the best boulder in CO.. but for as much shit as it gets I was surprised on how much i enjoyed it. Compression lines like this are hard to come by and Im syked it was here for me to try. Props to Schulte on this one. I approve.


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