Sunday, May 9, 2010

Both Sides

Went out today to Moraine Park in the RMNP. Goal of the day was to send a really nice v12 called Both Sides of the Spectrum. There was great success, and i was able to dispatch on my 2nd try. Tomorrow i think we're takin it easy and heading out to Morrison to climb on some randoms. This will be followed by a couple well needed rest dayz.

Here's a vid of the last couple days

Colorado 1 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.



Anonymous said...

great video! sounds like you are climbing really hard out there!! keep it up!

GK! said...

Looking good gentlemen! Most impressive. Both Sides looks awesome.

poindexter said...

Sweet vid, mucho impressivo escalando ninos! ...or something like that. Both Sides= Best boulder in Rocky? I was somehow able to do a session send of Circadian three years ago and did it the same way Brion does it in this video... definitely the easier way if your tall.